Belize & Guatemala Family Vacation - "Why we travel with Wildland"

The Campbell-Hill Family came to us looking for a family vacation in Central America. They chose our Belize Tikal Adventure in Belize and Guatemala, an active family-friendly tour that offers an exploration of the rich natural history of Belize and Guatemala. Here are some highlights from their trip and why they keep choosing to travel wi...
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Belize Guest Review: "Our trip to Belize was fabulous!"

Two-time alumni John and Margee Falk, along with their children and grandchildren, decided to get away from the winter weather and travel to the warm Caribbean Islands of Belize for another fun adventure in style!   "Our trip to Belize was fabulous! Thank you Grettel and everyone at Wildlands Adventures for making the arrangements and hav...
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Get to know your guides: Gerardo Lara, Costa Rica

Gerardo is one of the absolute best guides I would want for any traveler on their vacation in Costa Rica . I get the most inspiring reviews from people who have traveled with Gerardo, whether it is families, groups of friends, couples, etc. He is the most requested guide from repeat travelers.I have parties who have been guided by him on over 3+ tr...
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Sri Lanka Boat Safari in Gal Oya National Park

Wilderness safaris are life changing experiences but they do have their draw backs; dusty roads, grinding gears, and whining jeep engines. These are minor inconviences to see some spectaclur scenery and wildlife, but what if you could have this experience without those inconviences? Imagin...
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Kayaking through Rural Myanmar

Hpa An
One of the best ways to get off the beaten path in SE Asia is to hop in a kayak! Much of local life in Asia revolves around water, so floating through the countryside is a great way to experience rural life and see some spectacular scenery. Leaving the city of Yangon behind to explore little known areas in Myanmar,  like Kayin State,...
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