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Morocco Review: "We will long remember the personal contacts, conversations and home visits!"

The Caplans are long-time Wildland alumni and have traveled with us all over the world. They are truly the quintisential Wildland traveler so it's always a pleasure putting together an itinerary for them. They are educated, very well traveled, highly curious and energetic and they prefer guides who are intell...
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Visit Slovenia for a trip less traveled

IMG_0650-1 Trekking hut to hut in Slovenia
One of my favorite all time quotes comes from a Wildland Adventures Alumni in regards to her family's summer  hut-to-hut trek in Slovenia :   "The beauty of the Julian Alps is amazing as well as the Soča Valley. We loved the fact that one day we didn't pass anyone on the trail for hours until we got to the cows and summer cabins. We ...
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​Frequently Asked Questions on New Cuba Travel Restrictions

Cuba-FAQ-blog-header Yes, Americans can still visit Cuba!
Updated: June 4, 2019 Sources: Cuba legal experts, Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), New York Times Trump's recent pronouncement to impose new restrictions on travel to Cuba will not have any consequential impact on our trips there. Although there will be a few hotels we may not be able to use any more, there are m...
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Adventure Therapy in Colombia

20180926_12415_20190610-164624_1 How travel has become therapy to me
I've been working in adventure travel for over 25 years and while I'm an expert on travel, I have to admit that I still get nervous when I go on a trip. Every trip becomes a form of therapy for me. Growing up in my native Costa Rica I was not very social. I was socially awkward, an introvert, pretty much avoiding stran...
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Adventure Therapy | 4 Ways to a More Soul-filling Trip

 "The hikes in Peru were beautiful, remote, and challenging. It was refreshing to not be surrounded by other tourists, to be in nature and to be off the beaten path " - Karlis R. Wildland Alumni The joie de vivre and rejuvenation of a well-planned trip is when travel becomes "Adventure Therapy." As travel writer Pico A...
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