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7 Essentials for Designing a New Trip

Planning a new trip can be a daunting task for anyone with so many possibilities to see in the world, not to mention the added stress of making sure you make the most out of your precious vacation time. When planning a new trip is your job, it's critical to deliver the most incredible trip that leaves each and every traveler feeling like they exper...
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How we Design New Adventures | A Closer Look #19

A Closer Look with Kurt Kutay #19
I just returned from a stunning exploratory trip to the Dolomites and I'm heading off to get my feet on the ground in Georgia and Armenia, so for this month's Closer Look I'm inspired to share with you what goes into the creation of a new Wildland Adventure. Exploring new lands and being immersed in other cultures is what we love most abo...
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If You Really Want to Get to Know a Destination

Traveling with a guide The importance of traveling with a guide
The travel industry as a whole is always marketing "cultural" experiences but what does that really mean? Typically, and sadly enough, that usually means just visiting a cultural spot with no opportunity to connect in a meaningful way and with just a short glimpse into the lives of a handful of people.  If you really want t...
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6 Ways to Discover a Culture When Traveling

4432DCA4-CF3C-48EB-BACB-576E73EE0E3_20190916-171844_1 How to Have an Authentic Travel Experience
I am a huge nature fan and I usually plan my adventures to see isolated parts of the world with towering mountains but the most memorable and meaningful moments of my trips are always the cultural experiences and human connections I've made along the way. I enjoy visiting museums and seeing cultural...
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The Importance of Music & Dance in Cuban Culture

Some of the most treasured experiences I've had when traveling are musical and artistic encounters. When I was in Rwanda, a dance group of teenagers gave us a magical performance of their traditional dances and in Tanzania, a group of Maasai women taught me their traditional jump dance which ended in hugs. After 10 years of traveling all ...
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