Travelers Wanted for 2018 Trip to Patagonia!

What are you doing this February? Why not join Wildland and explore Patagonia on our new itinerary, the Southern Crossing . Embark on an adventure that follows the world renowned Carretera Austral from the wild north of Chilean Patagonia to the iconic spires of Argentinian Patagonia and Fitz Roy. This active hiking itinerary links forgotten Patagon...
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Review from a 3rd Grader Part 2: My day in Wrangell

In the afternoon we went to a town called Wrangell to see a dance presentation by the Tlingit natives, pronounced Klinkit . But before that we went to a museum called the Nolan Center. At the Nolan Center they had a bunch of history about their town. It was originally a native village and then prospectors came in and they founded the town of Wrange...
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Get to know your guides: Ale Sanchez, Costa Rica

Ale is a very natural guide, he lets the flow of his traveler's experience carry him and makes the best out of every opportunity that presents itself during a trip. No matter what, he always reaches his goal: leaving travelers 100% satisfied, with big smiles on their faces. When Ale is assigned to my travelers I know they will be in great hands…oh ...
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Review from a 3rd Grader Part 1: My First Day on an Alaska Cruise - KAZAAM!

Alaska Family Cruises
By Cassie Garrett, 3rd Grade On my first day on the boat we went on a skiff tour. It was my first time on a skiff. A skiff tour is when you just drive around on a small motor boat, you don't get out. It was pretty cold though. I had to wear five layers on the top, four layers on the bottom. I also wore wool socks and rubber rain boots. We drov...
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30 Years of Going Wild: Shedding your baggage to find your soul

30 years of going Wild
Motoring up the Amazon River in a dugout canoe 30 years ago, we could see them running from afar. As soon as they heard us approaching, the small native Yagua tribe ran into their huts in jeans and t-shirts, and exited to greet us half-naked in grass skirts with blowguns in hand. In that instant leading my first group tour I decided this: At Wildla...
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