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Luggage Tag Photo Contest | Winning Patagonia Landscape

We had a hard time picking a winner from among the 3 beautiful photos Robert shared from his trip to Patagonia but we felt the photo of his wife, with arms open, really captures the experience of Patagonia.  "This photo in particular (above) is very special to both my wife and I. Our trip to Patagonia had been on ...
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Luggage Tag Photo Contest | Winning Rwanda Photo of Mountain Gorilla

Here is another winner from our luggage tag photo contest, from John and Patti G, and their trip to Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas. We really loved the expression on her face - it really makes you wonder what she is thinking about? In their own words, here is how they got this photo: "Traveling to Rwanda provided an opportunity for us to combi...
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Luggage Tag Contest | Winning Borneo Photo of Orangutan

The Leshners have traveled all over the world with us and we were blown away by these stunning photos (which we chose as one of our 8 alumni winners) from their most recent trip to Indonesia and Borneo. "Our Wildlands trip to Bali, Borneo and down the coast of Indonesia was a wonderful mix of fabulous wildlife viewing, adventure cruising ...
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Luggage Tag Contest | Winning Morocco Photo of Man and Camel

Cathy has traveled with up many times and we were thrilled to choose her beautiful photo from Morocco as one of the 8 alumni winners. Here's why she went to Morocco and how she got this photo in her own words: I was inspired to go to Morocco because I read about how exotic it was, looked at Wildland's trip description and decided this was the ...
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Luggage Tag Contest | Winning Galapagos Photo of a Marine Iguana

Casey was one of 8 alumni chosen for their spectacular photos for our 2019 luggage tags contest. We're excited to get her photo (above) printed on our new luggage tags that we'll be sending out in 2019. Here's how her photo came about: "From the time I was little, I have always been fascinated with animals and nature in general....
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