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Osprey Daylite Review - Our Favorite Pack for Airplane Flights and Mountain Hikes

Finding a backpack that's good for travel and for hiking is hard. You want it to be light but also supportive. You want an accessible pocket to stash your camera but you also need it to be able to fit your wallet, keys, and tablet. It seemed we were doomed to a life of having 2 separate backpacks until Osprey came out with the Daylite . This pack i...
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Brazil Review: " The jaguars were spectacular!"

The Caplans recently returned from our  Ultimate Jaguar and Wildlife Adventure . Here's what they had to say about Brazil: "We were immediately drawn to the Ultimate Jaguar and Wildlife itinerary because of the safari-like approach.  We enjoyed the rainforest and  Cristalino Lodge  was paradise. The birds were amazing and i...
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Dinner with Dina - An Egyptian Meal Fit for the Pharaohs

Egyptian cuisine at it's finest.
We're all searching for authentic cultural experiences when we travel but there's one particular type of experience that stands out amongst the rest and when you find it you've found the holy grail of travel. Food!  And I'm not talking about a good restaurant, I'm talking a real home-cooked meal made from scratch, with recipes passed down...
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9 Foods you need to try in New Zealand

I miss many things about New Zealand; the stunning, deserted beaches, towering mountains and friendly locals, but most often I miss the food. Most people probably don't think of New Zealand as a culinary destination but one of the perks of being a small island nation is that it inherently breeds creativity and independence. While New Zealand i...
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Friends + Food + Spain = Culinary Perfection

For me to have a great meal, I need to be surrounded by friends in a nice environment with good food. The time I spent in Barcelona and along the Costa Brava was one of my favorite culinary experiences. It's hard to pinpoint one particular meal that was special because it was all a continuous parade of feasting. I have fond...
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