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Zambia & Botswana Safari Review: "We were constantly reminded by the animals that this was their home"

Tom and Angela recently returned from a safari in Zambia and Botswana and shared their highlights with us. "It was a great time and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, not only the Zambia portion but the Zimbabwe  and Botswana experience as well.  We saw all of the animals on our list except wild dogs. With rhinos in Livingstone, we com...
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Travel Trends | Why Grandparents want to travel alone with their grand kids

Lately we've been seeing an emerging trend: Grandparents want to travel alone with their grandchildren – leaving parents behind. Something we and others are calling 'Skip-Gen' travel. We started asking questions of both generations. What's it like for tweens and young adults to travel in a foreign country with only their grandpa...
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Adventure Options Podcast with Kurt Kutay

Kurt Adventure Options Podcast
I enjoyed my recent interview with Shayna Brazier and hope you will too. In this  episode  of her podcast,  Adventure Options , I share stories of my life's adventures, including a bonus why she declares that I am "definitely a romantic". I talk about my childhood and Turkish heritage, and how ...
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Why It’s Never Been Better To Travel To Cuba

Obama announced a warming of relations between Cuba and the United States in December 2014, making it possible for Americans traveling to Cuba with specific educational licenses. Then in November 2017, the Trump administration announced certain changes, most notably that although travel under Educational Activities (People to People Travel) is stil...
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Do you need to keep prescriptions in their original bottle when you travel?

Travelers often ask us if it's necessary to retain all prescription medications in their original containers when traveling. While that's always the best course of action, sometimes containers are too bulky and it becomes impractical when your packing space is limited (especially because you should carry medications in your carry-on bag). In genera...
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