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6 Ways to Discover a Culture When Traveling

4432DCA4-CF3C-48EB-BACB-576E73EE0E3_20190916-171844_1 How to Have an Authentic Travel Experience
I am a huge nature fan and I usually plan my adventures to see isolated parts of the world with towering mountains but the most memorable and meaningful moments of my trips are always the cultural experiences and human connections I've made along the way. I enjoy visiting museums and seeing cultural...
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The Importance of Music & Dance in Cuban Culture

Some of the most treasured experiences I've had when traveling are musical and artistic encounters. When I was in Rwanda, a dance group of teenagers gave us a magical performance of their traditional dances and in Tanzania, a group of Maasai women taught me their traditional jump dance which ended in hugs. After 10 years of traveling all ...
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Gathering Around The Table - Food & Culture in Egypt

Egypt-food-culture Gathering around the table in Egypt
One thing almost every destination in the world shares is an association of food and place. A sudden whiff of epazote or cumin instantly transports me to Mexico and all the memories that go with it. The food of a given country often tells something of the country's history, from ancient trade routes to colonization give and take.  The foo...
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The Best Markets in Peru & Bargaining Tips (Lima, Cusco, & Sacred Valley)

Peru Market Photo: Karlis Robinson
To truly know a country, one must visit its markets. The food, people, crafts and activities give you a glimpse of the country's culture and how folks navigate in their daily lives. You will see how the locals talk, eat, and dress. The colors, sounds, smells, and tastes of a market are an experience all on its own. There is no better place to explo...
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30 Ways To Have a Meaningful Cultural Interaction in Africa

30 Ways To Have a Meaningful Cultural Interaction in Africa
 Here are 30 of my favorite ways to have a meaningful cultural interaction and explore the many elements of African culture. Visiting traditional villages and tribes who still keep to traditional dress, customs and ways of life is an opportunity to reflect on what is common to people all over the world. But there are other ways to dive ev...
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