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5 Ways to Travel Slower

Slow Travel?Vacation...the limited time you have to leave home and experience a new locale and all of the natural and cultural wonders it brings is just time. But we understand, the initial response when planning a trip is to squeeze in as many experiences as you can within that timeframe. When the Neumann family was planning th...
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Shared Adventures in Slovenia: Trip Review

IMG_6541 Exploring Slovenia and Croatia
 When two separate parties called us to do a lengthy combination of our two main Balkans destinations, Slovenia and Croatia, I suggested they join forces and travel as one group in order to lower costs and share the fun. They were all so good-hearted and fun spirited, I knew they would have a good time traveling together. And th...
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How to Prepare for Hiking in Patagonia

Mirador Las Torres Mirador Las Torres
You don't have to be an athlete to enjoy hiking on a trip to Patagonia. A little investment in your overall fitness before you go can pay dividends in what you can accomplish out on the trail and how much more you can enjoy this adventure of a lifetime. In return for this investment before you go, you will ge...
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Ecuador Travel: Spectacled Bear Footage and Conservation at Zuleta

andean-bear Exclusive footage of Zuleta's spectacled bears
Many years ago, while hiking Peru's Inca Trail, I had the great fortune to see a spectacled bear foraging down the slope in heavy vegetation. Even my Peruvian guide was amazed and assured me that "This is very unusual! They are not seen very often!" It's a gift I am ever thankful for, so I want to share this fabulous footage (courtesy of the i...
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Morocco Review: "We will long remember the personal contacts, conversations and home visits!"

The Caplans are long-time Wildland alumni and have traveled with us all over the world. They are truly the quintisential Wildland traveler so it's always a pleasure putting together an itinerary for them. They are educated, very well traveled, highly curious and energetic and they prefer guides who are intell...
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