Sometimes adventure means going home

I made my way up the winding path, the South Pacific Ocean spread out before me, sparkling in the late afternoon light. It was a steep hike from my hotel, down below, in Paihia New Zealand. The air was crisp, cooling in preparation for the winter months ahead. A wave of fear came over me. Soon I would return home to Seattle, where the opposite was ...
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Into the Jungle

The Indigenous Bribri people of Costa Rica live deep in the Talamanca rainforest near the coastal Caribbean, where the campesinos (farmers) grow plantains and cacao among other produce. Their ancient culture is steeped in tradition and they speak their own language, Bribri, as well as Spanish. The "Undiscovered Caribbean Costa Rica Adventure" ...
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The Amazon or the Pantanal - Which one is for you?

Amazon - Boats, Jungle, Culture WHAT:  The Brazilian Amazon is famous for its unique ecosystem, stunning waterways and lush jungle vegetation. The rivers in the Amazon are vast, spanning 5 million km ² and spreading into 9 countries. Eighty percent of the Amazon is in Brazilian territory, along with the confluence of the "Negro" and the "...
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Visas in hand, I'm Africa bound!

This June I'm heading to East Africa and visiting our camps and lodges in Tanzania and Kenya , scouting new adventure opportunities, re-connecting with our local guides, and re-discovering firsthand why this is the premier safari destination in Africa! I'm really excited to be going back to some of the destinations that initially sparked my lo...
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A Graduate's Dream Adventure to Cape Town, Kruger National Park and Victoria Falls

Last December, Hunter came to Wildland Adventures with an idea for creating a special graduation adventure for his grandson, Evan. Knowing the power and value of travel, Hunter had offered Evan an excursion to anywhere in the world as a gift for graduating from high school with distinction; Evan, wisely, chose Southern Africa! A seasoned safar...
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