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Tanzania Review: "Slow down and savor every part of your experience!"

B475F6E7-6507-4D75-A051-DBEE1F6F76C4 Family Trip to Tanzania
The Reeds reached out to create a multi-generational safari combined with an exclusive extension to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Our  Serengeti Family Safari , with  Zanzibar and Pemba Island Extension  was the perfect fit for everyone! Check out some of their highlights and beautiful photos below. "Wildla...
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6 Ways to Travel Responsibly in an Age of Over-Tourism

My-Post-3 How to Avoid Over-tourism
With some costs of travel decreasing and the ranks of middle-class travelers around the world increasing, international departures are skyrocketing, and popular parts of the planet are getting loved to death. The issue of tourism growth and management is often a complex one and it's important to take stock of how we can be part of the solution...
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Egypt Guest Review: A Journey Through Time and Civilizations

camels Giza
Two of our intrepid Wildland travelers recently returned from our " Great Sites of Egypt by Dahabeya ," an in-depth exploration of this mythical country and the most iconic sites. As the seasoned travelers they are, they came back to the US with far more than photos of pyramids and tombs. They fully absorbed what this trip – ult...
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Indonesia Travel: So Much More Than Bali

Raja-Ampat-indonesia-travel Exploring Raja Ampat
Indonesia is one of the most interesting  and diverse countries in the world. This vast archipelago nation sprawls over 3,000 miles east to west and 2,000 north to south. It is composed of 17,500 islands, of which more than 7,000 are uninhabited. One of my favorite facts about Indonesia, is the Wallace Line. A faunal boundary dr...
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Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia Trip Review

Two couples came to Wildland with a rough idea that they wanted to put together a wild month-long adventure in Southern Africa. They wanted to experience the best wildlife that Africa had to offer combined with visiting the local people who benefit from the conservation and community development projects our travelers help support in the regio...
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