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What to Expect and how to Prepare for the Colombian Amazon

20190705_170753 Exploring the Colombian Amazon
On my recent trip to Colombia, after visiting Bogota and the coffee region, I set off for the Colombian Amazon. After a short flight to Leticia and a calm boat trip up the Amazon River for around 1.5 hours, I arrived at Calanoa Jungle Lodge. The lodge is committed to respecting the environment and supporting the people of t...
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Colombia Travel | Top 5 Things to do in and Around Bogota

20190703_09262_20190814-160146_1 Exploring Bogota
On my recent trip to Colombia, I loved exploring the capital of Bogota; it's so centrally located and there is a long list of things to see and do that it's not possible to get bored. Here are my top 5 places to visit in and around the city: 1.City Tour and Gold Museum The city of Bogota is mind-blowing, with tons...
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Colombia Travel | What to see and do in the Coffee Region

A trip to Colombia's coffee zone is a must for any coffee, culture, or nature lover. Located high in the Andes mountains between Bogota, Cali, and Medellin, it produces some of the world's best coffee, as well as offering in-depth "crop to cup" experiences with coffee farmers, plantations, and baristas. I recently returned from exploring ...
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Tanzania Review: "Slow down and savor every part of your experience!"

B475F6E7-6507-4D75-A051-DBEE1F6F76C4 Family Trip to Tanzania
The Reeds reached out to create a multi-generational safari combined with an exclusive extension to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Our Serengeti Family Safari, with Zanzibar and Pemba Island Extension was the perfect fit for everyone! Check out some of their highlights and beautiful photos below. "Wildland d...
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6 Ways to Travel Responsibly in an Age of Over-Tourism

My-Post-3 How to Avoid Over-tourism
With some costs of travel decreasing and the ranks of middle-class travelers around the world increasing, international departures are skyrocketing, and popular parts of the planet are getting loved to death. The issue of tourism growth and management is often a complex one and it's important to take stock of how we can be part of the solution...
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