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Thanks For The Memories of India

 Thanks for the memoriesOf things I can't forgetThe people I metI did my partIndia's not for the faint of heart.Thanks for the memoriesDays spent on a bumpy rideSeeking tigers that hide.How thrilling it wasThanks for the memoriesOf jeep safarisAnd silky sarisSquirrels that flySouvenirs we buyHow delightful it wasThanks for the memoriesThe cows, the rickshawsThe tucs and big trucksThe traffic in the streetsHow I prayed and shriekedHow crazy it was  Thanks for the memoriesOf lunch and dinner curriesRice, Nan and PoorisHow tasty it wasThanks for the memoriesThe Taj at evening and at dawnEternal Ganges rolls along A skull near the riverThat gave me a shiverHow sobering it wasKarma Sutra carved in stonePositions Christians wouldn't condoneI would need a bookTo practice the lookHow naughty it wasThanks for the memoriesOf camels in the darkFlames burned and sparkedThe evening was grandOur party in the sandThank you so much By June Brockmeier - Wildland guest from our Tigers and...
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Guest — Jonathan Burnham
This is wonderful June, you are quite the poet.
Tuesday, 13 November 2012 02:38

5 Reasons to Start Planning a Trip to India

1. The Tigers They are big, beautiful and endangered, but travelers can still see tigers in India in the wild. There may be as few as 3,200 wild tigers left in existence, with an estimated 3,800 remaining in India. Three tiger subspecies (Bali, Javan and Caspian) have already gone extinct and a fourth (the South China tiger) the next on the brink. Illegal poaching is the primary cause of the tiger's decline, driven by black market demand for tiger skins, bones and organs. The wild tiger once roamed throughout much of Asia. Today, this magnificent cat remains in just 7% of its original habitat. Shrinking tiger habitat is becoming increasingly fragmented due to encroachment by commercial uses and expanding human populations around tiger habitat. 2. There is more to India than the Taj MahalEveryone goes on tours to India for the Taj Mahal but few know about the Chambal River Sanctuary, located nearby. It is a world apart from the famous mausoleum;...
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Guest — Jonathan Park
So do I!
Tuesday, 05 February 2013 09:42
Guest — Jonathan Burnham
Oh man... If I already didn't want to go to India bad enough! I think India would be such a unique experience and I can't wait to ... Read More
Tuesday, 13 November 2012 02:43

Why India? Why Now?

Why India? Why Now?
  Why travel to India? Because India is a country beyond adjectives: colorful, vibrant and exciting is not enough to describe this unique country. The variety of experiences you can have here is never-ending. Where else can you find a noble and stunning white marble monument to love, a wild river where you can spot jackals, crocodiles and river dolphins, and tall brick-making chimneys set among colorful mud-walled villages all within a 2-hour drive?   Why India? Because India has an amazing variety of wildlife and its National Parks and reserves are some of its best-kept secrets. Wildland's Tigers and Travels in the north includes several reserves where you have an excellent chance of seeing a tiger, not to mention gazelles, deer, wild dogs, monkeys, lemurs and so many beautiful birds. The south is home to elephant herds as well as wildcats, spotted deer, bison, any number of reptiles and birds,...
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Going Wild

Hello fellow adventurers,My name is Jonathan Burnham and I am the newest member of the Wildand team. I will be the Marketing Manager here and I am ecstatic about going Wild. Trust me when I say you are going to see plenty of blogs from me covering everything from my travels with Wildland to news about what's going on in the adventure travel world.I figured since I'm the new kid on the blog I'd give you a little background about myself. I was born and raised in Southern California. Family travel was real important growing up and my Dad took me to visit National and State Parks all over the country, giving me the opportunity to learn about the diversity of natural habitats and their importance firsthand. I can say from experience that getting the opportunity to actually see how icebergs are made by calving glaciers in Alaska or how over a billion years of geologic processes formed the Grand...
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What Makes Costa Rica Unique?

tree-frog-costa-rica Why is Costa Rica so special?
Costa Rica is an extraordinary country located in the Central American Isthmus, therefore the country has functioned as a bridge in the exchange of wildlife species between the continental masses of North and South America. There are very few places on earth that have as much diversity as Costa Rica, especially for the size of the country. Here are 7 reasons why Costa Rica is so exceptional: 1. Biodiversity One morning in the Corcovado National Park at the Sirena Ranger Station, I observed tapirs (mom and calf), two anteaters, a family of coati, a family of peccaries, a sloth, three species of monkeys, tons of birds, insects, butterflies and the following morning a puma female with her two cubs and that is only the tip of the iceberg! Costa Rica has over 1,000 species of butterflies, over 1,200 varieties of orchids. over 850 species of birds, more than 130 species of freshwater fish, more that...
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