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  To the uninitiated travelers in our group, and even to the initiated like me, Delhi is, as described by travelers in our group "Not even organized chaos" and "New York City on crack!" We hit the main historic landmarks but took in much more of daily life in this vast city. We rode rickshaws into the Chadni Chowk market of old Delhi and took time to walk amongst the chaotic surface streets of horns and hollering in this south Asia hootenany of earthen oders and spicey scents. But then we descended into a modern underworld three stories down to ride the modern subway to the other side of town in one of the most comfortable and quiet subways I've ever ridden. Our introduction to India this day was a really classic example of old India and modern developed India at the heart of this nation of 1.2 billion people. Adding to the complexity of life here there...
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