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10 Ideas to Surprise Your Love While Traveling in the Tropics

10 Ideas to Surprise Your Love While Traveling in the Tropics

Travel planning with your partner can not only be fun, but also an opportunity to design an adventure that can help develop a deeper bond between the both of you. Each day of the trip can be a chance to add a little bit of spice to the relationship, by pulling off genuine romantic acts that create a closer connection with each other. 

Costa Rica beachside dinner

Here are 10 ideas to surprise your love on Valentine’s day (or any other day) while traveling in the tropics.

1. Dinner for two: Surprise your partner by making reservations at the most romantic restaurant in the area. If you travel to Costa Rica, here are 3 of my favorite romantic restaurants: Hotel Grano de Oro (garden area), Le Monastere (amazing view of the city) and Doris Metropolitan (garden area). You can’t go wrong with one of these choices, but each country has their own unique romantic setting.

2. Two tickets, please: Get tickets for a play or any other special event. If your partner likes soccer or the theater there might be a special match or play going on during your trip, your travel planner can help you get the seats.

3. Set the mood: For a small amount, your hotel can decorate the room with flowers, candles, incenses and even have the bath tub ready for you! Chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, truffles, anything is possible!

4. Light my fire: If you are going white water rafting or camping, make arrangements for a bonefire and dinner under the stars. Having a bottle of champagne never hurts...

5. Time to relax: After an active adventure such as horseback riding or biking, tell her to reserve the afternoon for a surprise and plan a couples massage at the hotel’s spa. I always suggest to reserve a private jacuzzi for one hour before the treatment with wine to relax the muscles. Then enjoy the massage with only the sounds of the jungle to take to a new level of relaxation. 

6. Try something new: Traveling provides one of the best opportunities to try something fun and challenging together that you have never done before. Have you ever wanted to fly like a bird, but are afraid of heights? Join a zipline canopy tour or take a ‘Walk on the Clouds’ at the hanging bridges. Have you tried surfing before? Take a private surfing lesson together, it will be so much fun to see each other trying to get up on the board. 

7. Time to eat: If you enjoy culinary experiences have your travel planner make arrangements for the a private cooking class, if you are in Central America try Caribbean flavors!

8. Plan a picnic: If you are staying at a hotel by the beach, plan a picnic lunch and escape to a secluded beach with tide pools for a romantic setting or set the under a palm tree, just watch out for the coconuts!

9. I do: Maybe it is time to renew your vows, this can be done in a private ceremony for two or as big as you wish to celebrate it. You can present your spouse with this romantic guesture that recommits your love for each other.

10. Keep it going: Once the trip is over there are endless opportunities to further surprise your partner and show how much you care for them. For example, make a special slideshow of all your photos and make a special evening out of it. You'll get to relive all of those magical moments.

I hope these tips help and if you have any questions about planning the perfect romantic getway to Central America, I'd be more than happy to help make those dreams become a reality. Remember, those little unexpected moments can be a great investment in growing your love and can make each and every day more special together.

Keeping it wild and romantic,

Grettel Calderon
Wildland Adventures Director of Central America travel

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