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15 Ways to Travel Happier

At Wildland Adventures we believe that one of the best ways for travelers to break down barriers and have a meaningful and sincere exchange with other people and cultures around the world is to 'Travel Happy.'  Here is our prescription for how to lead by example and be the best, happiest traveler possible.

15 Ways to Travel Happier

1. Smile more: Smiling is contagious and is a simple gesture that crosses all cultural boundaries and languages. Just smiling makes the experience more enjoyable and it even burns calories. So smile more and feel better about indulging in the local cuisine!

2. Take it all in: Immerse yourself in the total experience and take advantage of any opportunity to get to know the culture you are visiting.  Traveling also gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself through the mirror of those who host us in their country.
3. Turn the Out-of-Office On!: Leave your work at home and embrace your new surroundings and travel companions.

4. Leave your baggage at home: People travel for a lot of reasons and sometimes that reason is to escape everything going on at home. Do yourself a favor and leave all your stress at home.

5. Have a plan/sort of: Get a good outline for the places you want to see during your trip but don't be afraid if your plans change. The world doesn’t revolve around you so don’t expect everything to go exactly as you wish. Political demonstrations, social movements and holidays in other countries are all ways to gain a better understanding of what the current culture of a place is focused on.

6. Try something new: Even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone. Try a new food, activity or way of life. We can learn a lot from the places and people along the way, try your best to accept change and don't let prejudice get in the way from trying something you've never done before.

7. Don't try to do it all: When you try to jam as much as you possibly can into your trip, you end up stressing about fitting it all in rather than savoring the moments as they come. Make lists of 'must-sees', 'would like to see' and 'if I have time'. And be sure to leave time to be spontaneous!

8. Carry-on: Pack your carry-on like the airline will lose your luggage. So when it inevitably happens, it really won’t slow you down. (Better yet, pack light and check no luggage if possible!)

9. Go green: Traveling sustainably is more important than ever in today's ever growing world. One of the easiest ways to travel greener and smarter is by bringing a reusable water bottle and water treatment system where necessary. We support Travelers Against Plastic and have made the pledge to travel with reusable water bottles when we explore the world.

10. Travel gently: Leave no trace doesn't just start at the trailhead, do your best to leave as little of an impact on the people and places you visit. That way the traveler that comes next will get the same great experience you received.

11. Learn the language: This is old advice, but remains true – have command of at least a few words and phrases in the local language. Don’t worry if you can’t nail the accent, just trying will normally get you a smile and a pass from the locals. Plus it is a great way to meet new people!

12. Remember when: Remember that feeling of carefree joy and endless curiosity when you were young? Tap into that and joie de vivre!

13. Pay it forward: How many times has someone gone out of their way to ensure that you had a great experience while visiting their country? Do the same when you see visitors or someone looking a little lost in your hometown; insider-info from a local is almost always welcome and even if you aren’t the one traveling, you are involved in making another person's travel experience better.

14. Give back: We receive so much from the cultures and people we visit, return the favor and give something back. You will feel great about yourself and have a happier trip in doing so. Many of our adventures support local organizations so you are doing your part by simply traveling with Wildland.

15. Go Wild: Book your next adventure with Wildland Adventures; we make traveling fun and easy. We'll save you all the time and stress of planning your next vacation which will make you a much happier traveler!

Keeping it wild,

Wildland Adventures

Have any other tips to travel happier? Leave a comment and share them.
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