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2020 Alumni Luggage Tag Photo Contest Winners

Guanaco grazing in Patagonia

​Designing rich and fulfilling adventures and sending you to world-class travel destinations is always exciting for us! When you return, many of you are kind enough to let us share your favorite photos with others and out of this, the Alumni Luggage Tag Contest was born. We are excited to share this year's winners, which will grace the cover of our 2020 luggage tags. Here are the photos and the stories behind them. Enjoy!

A guanco in Torres del Paine National Park


"Our family shared a wonderful adventure in Patagonia in early 2019. We enjoyed a stunning variety of landscapes, remarkable wildlife and new cultural experiences throughout this vast region. We came away with a renewed sense of wonder for the earth's wild places and delightful memories that will last a lifetime. This view of a guanaco (cover photo) stands out for me among many awesome sights. Standing on a small hill, it served as a lookout for the group of guanacos grazing nearby. I could not have asked for a better photo opportunity. Nor could I have asked for a better trip from Wildland. Everything; travel arrangements, accommodations, food, was top notch. The welcoming and skilled guides/hosts enriched our visit immensely. We can't wait for a second Wildland trip to Costa Rica next year!" Michael Turner

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A lioness enjoying her afternoon in Botswana


"So peaceful, so relaxed, but watching and ready to bolt after prey. The moments of quiet and calm that I experienced were equally matched by the extreme bursts of excitement that put me in touch with the reality of survival. The trip was extraordinary on so many levels and seamlessly organized. The name of our waiter at our last camp was "Return". I asked him about his name. At birth his nostrils were sealed. They lived far from any hospital but his mother managed to get him to one where they performed a tracheotomy after he had been declared dead. He was named "Return" because he had been returned to them by God. I might have to return to Africa." - Ellen Salwen 

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Lilac breasted roller in Tanzania


"Ruth and I were the only people in our safari wagon. Our guide knew of a spot where he hoped we could see a Leopard. On the way to the small area forested with huge trees, I spotted this lilac-breasted roller sitting on the dead branch of a thorn tree. I asked our guide to stop for a minute. He found the perfect perspective for me to take this photo with the blue sky in the background." - Peter G. Arnold 

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Fisherman in Myanmar


"My wife and I have taken multiple trips with Wildland, primarily for the "wild adventure" we always get. We had never been to Asia and decided to go to Myanmar. Wildland always gets the best guides and we spent 23 days in Myanmar experiencing many wonderful things. Near the end of our trip we were on Inle Lake. It was cold early in the morning and ours was the only boat with blankets for the passengers (just us!). My wife was really impressed and grateful. We started across the lake in the fog and were looking for the solo fishermen to photograph. We found this man dressed traditionally (mostly, anyway) and the guide and boat driver helped to position me so the subject, light and background were in the right position. As a photographer, I appreciate Wildland's drivers and guides who know their country and people well to smooth the way for my photography." - John J. Lopinot 

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Sloth in Costa Rica


"We had seen sloths before in a previous trip to Costa Rica, but never as close as this sloth that was just hanging out in the tree behind our hotel in Tortuguero. This sloth was there every morning when we woke up, but on our last morning he (or she?) started to walk down the branch, seemingly headed for the ground. I was able to snap this "action" shot during the climb down. Thankfully, because of their speed (or lack thereof), sloths are great photo subjects and this one was almost posing for me as he traversed an almost bare branch." - Tom Cohen 

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Guatemalan women


"For many years I had hoped to visit Guatemala but I particularly wanted to focus on the people. Finally I found Wildland Adventures, and they helped to plan an amazing custom trip for two of us. We had the chance to meet and stay with people throughout the Highland areas, and learn something of the ancient Mayan culture. I met this woman in the market in Chichicastenango. She was carrying her wares on her head, and the pattern and colour of her 'huipil' (traditional blouse) showed she came from the village of San Antonio Palopo, in the Lake Atitlan area." - Jane Vincent-Havelka 

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Jaguar in Brazil


"My husband Rick and I were extremely excited about visiting the Pantanal region in Brazil, where we hoped to catch a glimpse of a jaguar. On our 1st day in Porto Jofre, we saw 11! We spotted this particular jaguar in thick vegetation as she walked, seemingly with purpose, along the ridge of the river. We tracked her for quite a while until she got to a tree that was jutting out horizontally over the water. As she climbed, we could see that she was pregnant. Settling on a branch right above us, she decided to take a rest—relaxed, totally unbothered by our presence, and ready for her close up! We spent almost an hour with this cat. The Pantanal was another "wildland" experience we'll never forget! - Christine Hammer 

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Mountain gorilla in Uganda


"A Gorilla trek had been at the top of my bucket list for the ten-years, ever since I traveled as a volunteer aid worker in Uganda. I knew this was my time and I did it; It was a tough 1.5 hr trek through the dense misty forest of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park but, it was so worth it. Every step was surreal, and unlike any other experience I've had during my travels. Less than a thousand mountain Gorilla remains in the world and I was honored to walk amongst this beautiful family of Gorillas living in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest." Gloria Upchurch 

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Marine iguanas in the Galapagos

GALAPAGOS - Bonus 2021 Winner

We decided to pick one image to have luggage tags ready for our travelers thinking ahead to 2021 and this photo from Toby Cooper's trip to the Galapagos was a perfect choice.

"While some may seek out relaxation for their honeymoon, we sought a more adventurous trip and ended up exploring the Galapagos. We were both awestruck by the fantastic creatures found in and around the Islands, including these marine iguanas with their salt-covered 'horns' and Mona Lisa smiles!" - Toby Cooper, Runner-up 

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