4 Romantic Spots in Turkey

4 Romantic Spots in Turkey

Bosphorus in Istanbul1. The Bosphorus has been the center of Istanbul for ions and a cruise to one of the water-side restaurants there is a romantic pleasure. Take a local ferry to a high-end neighborhood such as Bebek to walk on the boardwalk and dine in a fabulous seafood restaurant such as Bebek Balıkçısı or Eleos in Beyoğlu.



Nothing like a beautiful sunset and some wine in Turkey2. Drink wine in an ancient theater. On our Turquoise Coast Odyssey, we like to stop for a glass of wine and perhaps a song or poetry in Simena, dating from the 4th century BC. How romantic to enjoy sunset while looking out to the Mediteranean. 



Streets of Kas3. The very streets of Kaş are romantic with bourgainevilla flowers blooming on blue-shuttered buidlings, cobblestone streets, and the bright blue sea . Spend the evening with dinner at a local restaurant on the Medan, town square, watching children play and other couples stroll by. Then wander to a local bar for live music or dancing.


Twilight in Turkey4. Romance is foremost on the lovely Mediterannean coast where you can stretch out on the deck of a traditional Turkish sailboat and hold your sweetheart’s hands while you gaze up into the stars and drift off to sleep.



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