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5 Things You Can't Leave Home Without

Here at Wildland we don't just love travel: we live, eat, breathe, talk, walk and dream adventure travel! Knowing that, our Wild staff wanted to share 5 things they can't leave home without.

Wildland's Top 5 Things You Can't Leave Home Without
1. Journal- Record all of your favorite memories, it makes it a lot easier to share them when you get home.
2. Headlamp- One of the ultimate multipurpose tools and also great in case of an emergency.
3. Bandanna, pashmina, scarf or hat- Keeps you warm, keeps you cool and has plenty of other uses.
4. Phrase Book- Not only is it polite to learn some simple phrases in the native language of the country you're visiting, but is also a great way to start a conversation. Maybe you'll even make a new lifelong friend.
5. Postcards and pictures of family from home- It's a great starting point for conversations with people you meet along the way.

Below is our staff's individual essentials, take a look! There's some good ideas....

Kirsten Gardner's Essentials
1. Pashmina or wrap- Can be a head cover for temples, dress up an outfit for dinner and double as a blanket if you get stuck somewhere in an airport and need to sleep on the floor
2. Small backpack with water bladder- I prefer to keep my hands free while hiking or exploring. Or a reusable water bottle as opposed to buying bottled water
3. Rechargeable Headlamp- Maybe not for Paris but certainly for Patagonia and Peru
4. Plastic zip lock bags and envelopes- For keeping everything sorted and dry
5. Emergen-C; Yes the Vitamin C powder. It helps fight any jet-lag induced colds and also makes a wonderful airplane cocktail when mixed with vodka and sparkling water. I call it the ‘Jet Setter.’

Kurt Kutay's Essential 
1. A hat- Because I shave my head and it's either too hot or too cold!
2. Electrical octopus- To charge multiple devices simultaneously when there are only a few accessible outlets.
3. A puppet- To engage the attention of young kids (and their parents) and then to give away towards the end of the trip.
4. Global Entry Pass- To get into the priority fast line for airport security and to get back into the country without waiting in line. It's fantastic!!!
5. Earplugs!

Anne Kutay's Essential
1. Kindle- I must have my kindle to read at the end of a travel day. It relaxes me and I love the excitement and suspense surrounding reading. It improves my vocabulary and transports me to exotic places with interesting characters who all have their own stories.
2. Mini travel hairdryer- I have thick, long, curly hair and would be grumpy without my hairdryer!
3. Lipstick- I wear it every day and it makes me feel bold, energetic and flamboyant.
4. Origins A Perfect World Moisturizer- Every morning when I put this on its like a spark plug for my skin and it smells lovely!
5. Larabar Banana Bread- One of Larabar’s new yummy, comfort bars packed with lots of tasty banana flavor.

Sherry Howland's Essentials
1. At least 1 book about the destination – It’s educational and a conversation starter.
2. Postcards from home – To share with new friends I meet along the way.
3. Photos of my cat – Everyone responds to animals and inevitably people have their own pet photos to share.
4. A travel journal & envelopes – To record and to organize in that order.
5. Moisturizer – Travel is hard enough on your skin, some of the places we go can really have impact!
Grettel Calderon's Essentials
1. A little surprise bag with my favorite snacks- I love to snack and hate to go hungry. It also connects me with my hometown and sometimes, if I’m not in a selfish mood I might share some with the new friends I've met, specially kids.
2. A bandanna-  I love these things, they keep the sweat from running into my eyes, I can get a pony tail with it, cover my neck, use it on my wrist which tends to be weak, it is a great light weight souvenir for guides and very typical here in Costa Rica to work on the field.
3. My water bottle- It helps me keep reduce waste from the environment.
4. A little notebook and pen- To get slang and special local phrases from the country I’m visiting and practice it along the trip. Also it is fun sharing it with my friends when I return home. It’s a blast!
5. Dry bag- I have a small one and a larger one that is also a day pack, hey I live in the tropics! A downpour here can get you wet all the way to your underwear in 5 minutes.

Laura Finkelstein Essentials
1. Light-weight scarf- To put over my head in temples/mosques, to block out the sun, and to shade my eyes and face for a bit of privacy when in places where a foreigner might attract attention.
2. Sarong or lunghi- To wear while relaxing at the hotel, as a beach-towel or cover up. Batik sarongs from Malaysia or Indonesia make a lovely way to dress up for a nice evening out.
3. Postcards and pictures of family from home- It's a great starting point for conversations with people I meet along the road.
4. My own personal metal tea cup- For chai on the trains in India or shared water at temples in Burma.
5. A cheat sheet of basic words- For the primary language of the country I am visiting. I study it on the plane on the way and make many scribbles during the Journey. Especially great to jot down common colloquial expressions.

Nicole Metsa's Essentials
1. Notebook and pen (Pocket sized)- For journaling about my experiences. Also good for taking notes on places to dine, museum hours, walking directions, or other activities and places I come across that I need to remember.
2. Ipod, portable speakers and/or headphones- Bringing your own music to relax to or even to share with others if the opportunity presents itself.
3. A Magazine – Which is fun to pick out in the airport and keeps you entertained during unexpected delays.
4. Guide book- For the destination in which I am traveling, I can learn more about where I am going and get tips or advice on things to see, do and places to dine.
5. My camera – sometimes video but always at least a point and shoot. Small enough to put in purse and bring with me everywhere so that I can bring the memories home with me and share them with my friends and family.

Jonathan Burnham's Essentials
1. Headlamp- I always make sure I have one in my pack. It's small, it has plenty of uses and it's great in emergency situations.
2. A nice camera- Yes, your Iphone takes pretty good photos. But you can't trust your phone to capture the perfect moment. I suggest investing in a good digital camera and it doesn't have to be a DSLR to take nice photos.
3. Copy of passport- I've heard this and that about having a printed copy of your passport not being valid. But in my experience it's great to have on you if you want to leave your passport in the room for the evening.
4. Journal- A journal is a great way to record all your memories, but also a good way to kill down time.
5. Phrase book- If you are traveling to a country that doesn't speak English, pick up a little phrase book and learn some handy phrases. It's also a great way to start some conversations.

What can you not leave home without? Leave a comment and tell us, we LOVE hearing from fellow travelers.

Keeping it Wild,
Wildland Adventures
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