5 ways to beat boredom while traveling


Travel can be the most exhilarating, transformational experience, but it can also be dreadfully boring at times. A long flight or transport can bring anyone's spirits down, but with just a little preparation you need never be bored on your next trip! 

1. Indulge in a trashy novel or a book series that you might not normally read

Books are like food; some are gourmet meals and some are like candy. There is a time and place for everything and a long flight is the prefect place for candy... I mean books. You shouldn't try to read Anna Karinina, by Leo Tolstoy, when you are bored and anxious! I am not ashamed to say that the Twilight series got me through some seriously boring flights. The vampire series certainly didn't win any literary awards and as an educated book lover, I'm not going to brag to my friends about it but it was hard to put down and kept my interest for the entire plane trip. I think book series are the best for traveling because you can read one on the way there and you'll have another for the way back. If you're too proud to resort to a trashy novel bring an acclaimed book but bring a back-up as well. I always have good intentions to read a famous work of literature only to discard it after the first few chapters don't hook my interest and my travel anxiety sets in. Here are 15 books you cant put down and the 20 best book series ever.

2. Coloring books for Adults

Coloring books for adults are a fabulous new trend! Who ever said that grownups can't color anymore? There are a wide range of options available, popping up in every book store or gift shop around, from simple to intracate or even funny to serious. Coloring is not just for kids anymore! Besides relieving boredom, coloring can also be very therapeutic and can also relieve anxiety. Check out Amazon's best selling coloring books for adults

3. Journal/Write

Inspiration rarely waits for you to be sitting down with a journal handy. Often it comes at the most inopportune times, during those exciting, breath-taking moments of your trip. I often overestimate my memory and think I will remember every aspect of my trip when I get home but that rarely happens. Traveling can be transforming in so many ways so when you feel bordom creeping up, pull our your journal and write about what you have seen and experienced. Journaling is also a great way to process parts of your trip that were challanging or made you think differently. Travel often leads us to appreciate what we have so when you are bored you can also use the time to write a postcard or email to someone you care about. It will make their day and lift your spirits as well.

4. Save new movies or music for your trip!

This requires planning and most importantly self-control but it will pay off, I promise! Instead of seeing that new movie save it for your trip so you have something fresh and exciting to entertain you. If I am going to travel, instead of watching a new TV series I love, I will save it and download it on my phone or ipad. This gives me something to look forward to during downtime instead of watching something I've already seen. Podcast are another favorite of mine as they do not take up much storage room and are easily downloaded to any smart phone. Here are the top 200 podcasts.

5. Change your perspective through meditation

Meditation can put me back in a good mood and can totally change my perspective. The goal of meditation is to quiet your mind, eventually reaching a higher level of awareness and inner calm allowing you to find peace no matter what is happening (or isn't happening) around you.You can meditate anywhere, you don't even need silence! It might not be for everyone but it can certainly make a huge difference when things are not going as expected. There are many different techiques and ways to meditate and finding one ahead of time that you are familiar with can be a life saver. Here are 23 types of Meditation.

Sometimes nothing seems to do the trick and waiting for a late train or a delayed flight is frustrating. Believe it or not, research shows that boredom can have some real benefits, such as boosting creativity and fostering the growth of new goals. Instead of seeing boredom as negative keep an open mind and practice some of the constructive activities outlined above. Remember it is all about treating yourself in some way so if nothing on this list interests you plan ahead and have something prepared that you can indulge in when you get bored!

Keeping it wild,

Hannah Lunstrum

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