7 Tips for Fun-filled and Fulfilling Family Adventures

7 Tips for Fun-filled and Fulfilling Family Adventures

1. Local Walks and Village Visits: Following local footpaths through villages and farmlands opens windows to family life far different from our own. Include some walking and hiking out of the vehicle on local footpaths to explore a new land and meet people of different cultures. 

2. Fun and Enriching Experiences for Everyone in the Family: A family vacation should engage each member of the family in fun and enriching experiences, which may mean something different to each family member. Therefore, ather all the family around the kitchen table (or your family computer) when planning your Wildland Adventure so that everyone’s interests and ideas are included and even young participants have something fun to look forward too. 

3. Guides as Parents: Our trip leaders are family friendly and child-oriented. Our best guides for family trips are often parents themselves or teachers who are familiar with young minds so they can deliver age-appropriate information and engage kids in fun and informative ways according to their learning style and attention span. Wildland family guides elicit the spirit of children for fun, discovery, exploration and trying new things. 

4. Special Pre-Departure Information: We provide a pre-departure packet for kids that includes colorful, age-appropriate information about the destination such as laminated wildlife guides of animals they can expect to see, picture books that depict the life of a child in the culture they will be visiting, or color posters of the rainforest or other habitat they will visit. Anything that builds anticipation for kids about what they can expect when they arrive.

5. Fun-filled Walks and Hikes: Plan special activities during walks or hikes that kids find personally rewarding. Such as arriving at a special destination like a waterfall or ruins, making a discovery en route, or the satisfaction of an accomplishment like walking to a lookout or climbing to the top of a castle or ancient temple.

6. Discover More About Ourselves and Others: Encourage all family members to participate in activities together. This gives everyone the chance to discover their inner strengths or skills doing things they never imagined, or stepping outside their comfort zone. It is especially fun to try activities that parents may not be as adept as kids, so that normal roles at home are reversed and kids can show their parents a thing or two!

7. Hook Up With The Locals: Sometimes we invite other young people to join our Wildland family group on local walks, sometimes the guide’s children or young people from the local villages. Walking creates a great environment for starting conversations and getting to know the people around you.  

Keeping it wild,

Wildland Adventures

Looking for your next family adventure? Wildland family adventures are perfect for any age or group size. Our travel experts are here to not only find you the perfect trip, but also make sure everyone in the family is prepared.

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