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9 things you might not know about Nicaragua


Nicaragua is the land of lakes and Volcanos. It's still a largely undiscovered land, mainly attracting surfers and adventure seekers. Most people still don't know it is a fabulous place for all types of travelers, from a romantic luxury vacation to family travel, it has everything needed for a magical trip to the tropics. We offer 3 different adventures in Nicaragua that explore volcanos, colonial architecture, cultural experiences in friendly rural villages, lakes, rainforests and stunning beaches.

1. You can venture onto volcanos! Nicaragua boasts over 40 active and dormant volcanos. Boat to Ometepe, an island in Lake Nicaragua, which is made up of two volcanos or you can hike or drive up many of the volcanos and even sandboard down!


2. It holds hidden treasures! The Corn Islands, off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, are a little-known tropical paradise. Because these sleepy isles were a haven for pirates and buccaneers starting in the 17th century, the turquoise-blue waters still hold relics of shipwrecks and treasures of days gone by.


3. The surf is always up! With over 200 miles of Pacific coastline and 300 miles of Atlantic coastline, the surf is always up in Nicaragua and offers vast stretches of unpopulated beaches. Surfers and adrenaline lovers visit Nicaragua from all over the world to find the perfect wave!


4. Nicaragua is world famous for cigars! Many of the best cigars in the world are made in Nicaragua! In Cigar Aficionado's 2016 Top 25 Cigars list, Nicaragua is home to 12 of the 25 cigars! Besides boasting an ideal tobacco growing climate, the Cuban Revolution led many of the best cigar makers to relocate in Nicaragua.

5. There are no road signs! Much of Nicaragua's infrastructure was destroyed by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake in 1972 and although much has been rebuilt you will rarely see street signs. If you want to ask for directions be prepared to look for landmarks!

6. You can swim in a Volcano! When the Apoyo Volcano erupted thousands of years ago it left a crater over 7km wide, that filled with water over time. The rim of the crater offers many restaurants, hotels, and private residences and there are lots of water activities available such as swimming, boating or kayaking.


7. The capitol of Nicaragua is Managua, but Granada is the most popular city for travelers and also the oldest on continental Latin America. It was founded by Hernandez de Cordoba in 1524.

8. Lake Nicaragua is the biggest tourist attraction in the country and also the biggest naturally formed lake in Central America. It boast many unique fish species and amazing freshwater sharks!

9. Despite its tumultuous political history, the people of Nicaragua have a lasting commitment to peace and prosperity; something they openly share with our travelers, especially families. Many different cultures have formed Nicaragua resulting in many vibrant artists and music scenes.


If you are interested in visiting Nicaragua we have 3 trips to fit different travel styles and I'm always happy to tailor your itinerary to meet your needs and interests. Call or email me if you have any question!

Wildest Regards, 

Grettel Calderon

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