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A Couple's Adventures in Nicaragua


Susan came to us because she wanted a tropical vacation in Nicaragua to escape the doldrums of winter. She had traveled to other countries in Central America and was interested in the flora, fauna and politics of Nicaragua. She wanted a combination of activity, exploration and relaxation for herself and her travel partner, so our Nicaragua Adventure Tour was a perfect fit for them.

They really enjoyed learning about the history of Nicaragua and exploring the incredible biodiversity of Nicaragua's flora and fauna.

"We really enjoyed exploring the volcanoes. The hikes were strenuous, but doable, even for 60 year olds! I was a little intimidated by the "walk" down Cerro Negro at first, but I got into a rhythm and felt very virtuous when I landed at the bottom. Of particular interest was the tour of the lava tube (bat cave) at Masaya Volcano National Park. The Mombacho Volcano hike was notable for the many flowers and trees which were not evident at lower altitudes during the dry season. We also enjoyed the kayaking and the city tours (especially seeing some of the churches with Moorish influence) and the pre-columbian sculptures and cemetery in Granada.  Our guide was enthusiastic about the country, very knowledgeable, very smart, and gave us interesting perspective on its history and the political and economic development of the country, which we were interested in."

"One totally unexpected event was the International Poetry Festival being held in Granada when we were there. There were free poetry readings (in Spanish) in the main square and around town, bringing poets from around the world together with close to a thousand poetry enthusiasts. It was thrilling to see. Some of the poets were even staying at our hotel and we ran into others at restaurants."

Their favorite accommodation was Morgan's Rock Hacienda and Ecolodge, a lavish nature retreat that's part of a large nature reserve along the Pacific Coast. It's a great end to an active trip because it gives travelers the options to relax or to keep being active, which is great for groups with different interests or families.

"Morgan's Rock was simply fabulous! It worked well at the end of the trip to be on our own, after being guided for a week. There were a variety of activities to participate in if we wanted, or we could (and did) simply enjoy wandering on our own and lying in the private beach hammock with a book."

They had some good recommendations for future travelers to Nicaragua, which you can learn more in my blog about Nicaragua on "things you might not know". Activities are always optional, as some can be more challenging than others depending on experience and cultural differences.

"Though we are cyclists in the US, we opted not to tour Granada by bike. It did not feel like it was the safest place to ride a bike (narrow roads, traffic, different types of vehicles/animals sharing the road, no culture of bike safety, helmets, etc.). We also found that the time on our own in Managua was a challenge. It's difficult to get around because there are no addresses or street signs."  - Wildland Alumni, Susan Berkowitz

I love that when it comes to travel, you never know who you will meet or what unexpected things you might find, in Susan's case, the poetry festival! It was a delight planning their trip and I was so happy to hear how well it went. Give me a call for any Nicaragua or Central American travel questions you may have!

Your friendly Central America expert,

Grettel Calderon 

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