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A mother and son's graduation adventure in Peru

"Oh, the zipline WAS intense.  I probably would have bailed had my son not been there.  We are a fiercely competitive family and I NEVER would have heard the end of it! We were thrilled by the hikes and zip line but my husband would have passed out (which is why we left him at home)!" concluded Jennifer Hines upon their return from a mother-son Wildland Adventure to Peru.
Joe gets unclipped from the zip line on this mother-son Peru Family Adventure. 
Their July trip to Machu Picchu was a family adventure to mark their son's high school graduation and to spend some precious time together on our Peru Family Adventure before their next transitions in life; Joe is headed for college in September and mom and dad are going to be empty nesters.
Joseph climbs up the via ferrata fixed climb up the side of the Urubamba Valley.
It's wonderful to travel together as a family, especially when our kids are younger, but it's equally gratifying and important to travel together one-on-one as our kids become young adults and we begin to build new relationships with them as individuals outside the larger family dynamic.  Travel during these transitions in our lives helps expand our horizons and gives us a bigger-than-thou perspective about who we are. When we are together outside of our routines 24/7 in an exotic land full of adventures it creates so many unexpected opportunities for opening up, sharing and getting to know each other in new ways. And we never know what paths the travel experiences we provide for our children and grandchildren are going to take them down in life.
Creating memories to last a lifetime on their Machu Picchu tour.
"This trip gave me some wonderful memories with Joe that I will always cherish.  And it only becomes more challenging coordinating schedules with older children.  My daughter is 22 and is off enjoying her own adventure for 3 months teaching in South Africa!"
Jennifer and Joe explored the ruins and restaurants of Cusco, and hiked, climbed and dipped in hot springs exploring native communities and Inca sites of the Urubamba Valley. They hiked for a day on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, kayaked in Lake Titicaca, and explored along the ocean bike paths through the historic Baranco neighborhood of Lima by bicycle:
Joe poses looking down at Machu Picchu from high atop the Huayna Picchu peak.
"The favorite part of our trip was the entire experience in the Machu Picchu and Cusco region.  Our guide, Quique was extremely professional and fun to be with.  He has an extraordinary wealth of information to share from history to culture to knowledge of plants and their homeopathic uses.  Our driver Gustavo made a few impromptu stops to add a few activities that were not included on the itinerary which were interesting and fun such as the llama and alpaca ranch on the way to Pisac where women weavers demonstrated wool spinning and the natural dyeing process.  The hikes were appropriately increasingly difficult and we always had the impression that Quique made sure we were safe throughout our entire experience.  He was always asking questions to make sure we weren’t experiencing any altitude sickness symptoms (and we were not) and each day would remind us of what we needed to be prepared for the next day (sunscreen, bug spray, passports, etc.).  From beginning to end, you did an outstanding job handling our arrangements."
The Uros Indians on Lake Titicaca expand the floating islands they live on with reeds, build their homes, make their boats, and eat the tender roots which Joe nibbles during their Uros tour.
We arrange many trips for fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, and any combination of multi-generational family travel to celebrate and acknowledge those important successes and transitions in our lives. We schedule special family trips for teens and young adults in June because graduation is an especially significant occasion to acknowledge the success and growth of our children. It is also a time that marks a change in our family life when we will begin to spend less time together as our young adults embark on their own path, and may just leave us home on their next big adventure!

Let us plan your family adventure. See the family travel section of our website Wildland Family Adventures or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-800-345-4453.
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