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A Mother & Daughter Wine Tasting in Spain

A Mother & Daughter Wine Tasting in Spain

This October I went on a mother/daughter wine and culinary trip to the Basque Country of Spain. My mom and I had never been to Spain together and thought this trip would be perfect for us because it contained two very important things... wine and food. First off, flying is not on my list of favorite things to do. However, I do love spending time with my Mom and drinking wine. So, I jumped on an airplane for what I knew would be a trip filled with new and wonderful experiences. 

Since this was a wine and culinary tour there wasn’t the rush of adventure as in zip lining or wildlife safari’s - the adventure for me was seeing a new place with my mom, trying new foods and seeing the wine making process. My favorite thing that we did was in San Sebastián; a really fun cooking class where we learned how to make pintxos. Pintxo’s is the Basque version of tapa’s and the sky is the limit with this delicious finger food. We hope your year was filled with your own type of adventure and maybe next year you can make Pintxos too!

Let us know if you'd like to visit Spain! Our trip was an exploratory adventure and one that you might find in our list of destinations in the near future...

Keeping it wild,

Kelly Ohman

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