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A Once In Life Time Adventure to Patagonia

A Once In Life Time Adventure to Patagonia

Guest review from Charlie, part of a group of six friends who did a Custom Patagonia Trip.

“The trip was fantastic…a once in a lifetime adventure. You folks did a great job of: 1) anticipating the types of accommodations we would prefer (basically 5 star hotels and resorts) and also the type of experiences we would enjoy. In particular, we appreciated your blending the different elements of the trip together is such a seamless fashion. As Gretchen knows, we covered a lot of territory in a relatively brief period of time. Thanks to your excellent assistance we did so in an extraordinarily efficient, comfortable and seamless fashion. Thank you.

You could not have done a better job. Pre-departure advice and information was especially helpful.

Top three experiences: Walking on the Glacier in El Calafate; Landing on Cape Horn Island; The hike we took on our second day in Torres Del Paine. The Llao Llao, EOLO and AWASI hotels were standouts…although the others were right up there as well.

Guides were terrific across the board. Ana in BA, Gabriel in Bariloche, Magdalena in El Calafate and Maca and Claudio in Torres Del Paine were all terrific. They could not have been friendlier or more helpful. They really made the trip for us.

The Cruise
The cruise on Stella Australis was great fun. Thank you for suggesting the AA cabins instead of the AAA cabins. The AA cabins were much bigger than the AAA ones and better positioned in the ship (lower down) had we run into stormy seas…which we did not. For the entire cruise the water was quite calm. It was as if we were sailing on a lake and not on the ocean. Virtually no motion. The staterooms were quite roomy… The crew was helpful and friendly. Guides were well informed and eager to please.

This may not be the most conveniently located lodge in the Torres Del Paine area, but is certainly the nicest. We loved everything about AWASI: the food, the setting, the villas, the staff, you name it. It could not have been improved upon. Of course, to get to anywhere in the park we had to drive a bit further than folks staying at a place like Explora, but we all decided that the extra 15-30 minutes of driving was a small price to pay for the AWASI experience. To give you an idea of how good these folks are: We were there for the Super Bowl. None of the villas have TV’s and the only TV is one in the Staff Quarters. When we asked the hotel if there was anyway we could watch the game, they first said that at a minimum we could watch on the Staff’s TV. We did mention that it might be possible to stream the game live and that set off a chain reaction of behind the scenes activity by Betiana, the manager. When we came up for pre dinner cocktails and to check on the status of game viewing we found that Betiana had gone on line, found a way to live stream the game, had bought a subscription to the NFL’s live streaming app (a charge which we offered to pay but which they would not permit), had plugged in her cell phone, hooked it up to a PC, hooked the PC up to a projector, hung a sheet over the fireplace in the main lobby and set us up to watch the game. The picture quality was excellent and staff kept appearing with beer, wine and Pisco to keep us well lubricated. In short, it was a amazing experience and just one of many created by the friendliest and most attentive hotel staff I have ever encountered. We plan on giving them a six star rating on Trip Advisor.

El Calafate
EOLO is gorgeous! We were met upon arrival by Valentin, the manager, who ushered us in to the main living room, brought us drinks and some small petit fours to wet our appetites (it was about 2:30 PM and we had not yet eaten lunch). After giving us a brief orientation and allowing us to scarf down our drinks and food, he gave us a tour of the lodge and then took us to our rooms. Great views out over the valley and West to the Torres Del Paine. We had a late lunch (very good food) and then took a short hike up into the hills behind the hotel. We loved our room and enjoyed our meals in the dining room. As you probably know, the hotel is much closer to the Perito Moreno glacier than town, so it was a good choice for our excursion the next day. To be out in the country with stunning views and a great setting, EOLO is a great choice. We loved it!

Llao Llao Resort was another world-class experience. Loved everything about the place…Everything was great.

Thank you for arranging for the four hour excursion with our guide. This was the perfect arrangement. It gave us time to explore the resort and the nearby Municipal Par on our own (which was perfect), and it also gave us a brief tour and hike with our guide that took us to places (including a Craft Brewery) that we would otherwise never have experienced. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The boat ride across the lake to Angostura was incredible. I say incredible because there was absolutely no wind, the sun was shining brightly and the water was like glass. Both our guide and the boat captain said they had rarely seen the lake as calm as it was. The continuation of the trip over the border and into Chile was interesting…especially in regards to the interplay between Argentina’s border requirements and Chile’s. All I can say is that I’m glad we did not have to try to do this on our own. We made it just fine and the trip was particularly interesting because of the enormous amount of volcanic ash that we saw by the sides of the road and elsewhere from the 2011 eruption.

Puerto Varas
The hotel you selected for us was very nice and we enjoyed being up on the bluff, removed a bit from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area. I had one of the best dinners of the trip at the hotel’s restaurant.”


I Loved It All
More Than Met Our Expectations: Wine, Chocolate an...

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