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A Trip for the Record Books!

A Trip for the Record Books!

This family of four, along with their friend, returned a week ago from Peru on Our Sacred Lands of the Incas adventure. They had a fabulous time and below are some of their comments from their trip.

Moray Archaeological Site


Our trip to Peru was one for the record books!  Probably some of the best scenery since I traveled to the South Island of New Zealand.  Didn't hurt that the weather was sunny and gorgeous every day.  All of the tour operators, restaurants, drivers and hotels were perfect.  I have a new favorite drink, the Pisco Sour.  Really loved the Monasterio and the Inkaterra in Machu Picchu.  The buffet lunch at Machu Picchu was spectacular. 

I will definitely consider using your travel company again and will refer you to any friends for their travel needs. Thank you so much."

Machu Picchu

Here's the family's full trip evaluation:

Trip Name:
Sacred Lands of the Incas


Trip Start Date:

Why did you decide to travel with Wildland?
Recommended by a friend

How well did we help you plan and prepare for your adventure?
Excellent! I couldn't have been more prepared

Any additional comments:
Only one suggestion. On the evenings of day 3 and 4 of our trip we stayed at the Sonesta Yucay. While this hotel was lovely, it was a little remote and required extended van travel. Staying in Ollantaytambo would have been more suited to our tours in Moras, Moray, our Patacancha Valley Hike and our train ride to Machu Picchu.

How well were your questions answered?

How well was your invoice handled?

Please rate your final documents?

Any additional comments on our pre-departure services:
Gretchen and everyone in the office was quick to respond to our questions and requests. Great Job.

What places or experiences did you enjoy most and why?
The entire Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu were quite frankly one of the most visually stunning places that we have ever traveled to (and we have traveled extensively!).

What places and experiences did you enjoy least and why?
See hotel comment above.

How would you rate your guide?
All around expert!

Please comment on the enthusiasm, professionalism, or other qualities of your trip leader(s) / local guides. Mention names when possible:
Everyone was great. Jose Alejandro Cuba Herrera did a great job with the entire Sacred Valley Tour.

How well was transportation handled?
Everything was perfect!

Please rate your accommodations:
AMAZING! I wish I lived there.

What places stood out?
The Monasterio in Cusco and the Inkaterra in Machu Picchu.

How were the meals?
A culinary delight!

What meals stood out?
The buffet lunch at Machu Picchu was phenomenal

Please recount any personal highlights or insights you experienced on your trip:
Everything was fantastic

What were the main reasons you chose this itinerary?
Machu Picchu

What advice would you give to travelers going on this Wildland adventure?
Just go!!
Contact our South America Program Director, Gretchen, for more information on this itinerary and our other Peru adventures

Your friendly program director,


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