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Great Time in Borneo

Guest review from our Untamed Borneo Adventure

I have travelled extensively and it is very rare to find such a combination of friendly helpful people, secure and safe surroundings and incredibly unique and varied wildlife as what we had in Borneo. The lodges/resorts were very good and really went out of their way to provide an excellent experience for the guests. The river cruises were superb, our guide at Borneo Rainforest Lodge found us some of the world's rarest birds and the snorkeling at Sipadan Island was astounding. Thanks for a great experience.
Stay over the water at Sipadan IslandSipadan was great. They took the divers on 3 "dives" per day. One day was at Sipadan Island. It was fantastic, really unbelievable. I have done some snorkeling in the Galapagos and other places, but this was truly outstanding. 
I have had many very experienced travelers tell me that Borneo Rainforest Lodge was one of the best spots they have ever visited and I have to agree. The accommodation is good, the food is very good and the guiding excellent. The location is superb and one of the truly  unique spots on Earth- of course it helps if you’re a birder.
See Banded Pittas at Borneo Rainforest LodgeThe river cruises at Abai River Lodge were absolutely great and definitely one of the highlights. Cruising the river in the evening seeing 4 species of Monkeys, Orangutan, elephants and lots of other cool stuff without having to even work up a sweat was very nice. 
I had fairly high expectations for the tour and it didn't disappoint. All in all, this was a great trip. 
K Zufelt
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