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Break away from routine in mystical Bhutan

Break away from routine in mystical Bhutan

Need to get away from an often-intense life, especially work? Well here's your chance with a trip to Bhutan! In the 60s the counterculture slogan was "Turn on, tune in, drop out". Now it's 'turn off (tv), turn off (internet), turn off (phone)'. It's certainly not easy when you're in the mix of things, juggling work along with home and social activities, but in Bhutan you'll have the opportunity to unwind while taking in the day-to-day life of this culturally rich country.

Isolated from the outside world for centuries, until just four decades ago, Bhutan has consciously cultivated both a fiercely-guarded traditional culture and the world's most pristine environment. It is an amazing land, which appears to have solved the puzzle of many social issues that plague so many of the world's nations. It's the last Mahayana Buddhist Kingdom, and the teachings of this school of Buddhism are intrinsic to the daily life of its people. The spinning of prayer wheels and the murmur of mantras are important features of everyday life that transport travelers into a culture steeped in tradition and timeless truths reflected in Buddhist teachings and daily practices.

Bhutan offers a temperate zone of great diversity, ranging from lush stands of conifers to orchid-draped oaks and flamboyant rhododendron forests. Experience remote central Bhutan, a destination only seen by 20 percent of annual visitors. Travel beautiful mountain roads, walk to temples strategically placed on hills or by rivers, and search for bird life in the Gangtey Valley

This cultural and natural adventure introduces travelers to a unique society including pilgrimage sites and Buddhist practices. Explore traditional Bhutanese weaving, painting techniques and incredible medieval fortresses (dzongs). Our itinerary can be modified to include an overnight at a monastery; getting pampered at a wonderful boutique hotel spa; attending a mesmerizing dance performance with streaming costumes and magically-charged masks; and even mountain-biking. I invite you to break free from routine and seize the day to experience the Land of the Thunder Dragon Kingdom.

To learn more about trips to Bhutan give us a call at 800-345-4453 or read some of our guest's Bhutan reviews.

Jeff Robers

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