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Adventure Therapy in Colombia

20180926_12415_20190610-164624_1 How travel has become therapy to me

I've been working in adventure travel for over 25 years and while I'm an expert on travel, I have to admit that I still get nervous when I go on a trip. Every trip becomes a form of therapy for me. Growing up in my native Costa Rica I was not very social. I was socially awkward, an introvert, pretty much avoiding strangers. I was afraid to even take a local bus. I started to work and travel in my early 20's and those experiences opened the door to a new me, a more confident person. I was able to handle unfamiliar situations better, my personality developed into an "extroverted me" and my curiosity to see the world flourished. Over the decades first planning trips all over my country in Costa Rica, then expanding my knowledge and expertise designing Wildland Adventures throughout Central America, and more recently to Cuba and Colombia, I can say that travel has been especially therapeutic for me. Most recently, developing new Wildland Adventures in Colombia I have found a new culture and an incredibly diverse landscape to spread my wings and expand by global family. 


My new friends and family in Colombia

On my first-time three-week exploratory trip I was pretty anxious at the start, especially due to Colombia's turbulent past. But as I traveled I gained confidence and trust in the country. I could sense the national drive to maintain peace and to grow to expanding influx of tourism. But most of all it was meeting so many amazing guides, locals, and indigenous people, all of whom were so gracious and welcoming. Only a few days into the trip, as a Latina from nearby Costa Rica, I was already feeling like one of them! 

I'm going back in July for another 3 week trip and I can't wait! (Read about my last trip to Colombia

Colombia is an extensive country, 8 times the size of Florida, bridging a vast diversity of ecosystems with some of the rarest flora and fauna on Earth. If you're turned on by wildlife, especially birds, you'll find Colombia thrilling. If you like active outdoor explorations hiking in the Andes, mountain biking, rafting, and snorkeling on the Caribbean then come to Colombia. If you are intrigued by ancient civilizations and appreciate learning from present-day indigenous cultures deeply connected to the land and the cosmos, Colombia is an answer to your calling. No matter what itinerary I may plan for you, you will be stunned by the beauty of the landscape, in awe of the biodiversity you encounter, and so happy to be greeted with open arms by our friends who will love to share their culture, cuisine and coffee.

To learn more about Colombia, read Is It Safe to Travel to Colombia? or A Closer Look at Colombia.

On every Wildland Adventure around the world our guides are your'angels' to help you take the hassle out of travel, offer good company and especially to share their knowledge and love of country. They will also help you make new friends on the trip as they act as a cultural bridge to help you communicate with the locals. 

Let's be honest, we only live life once. Traveling this vast planet has gotten me to the most amazing and unexpected destination: myself. All that's required is to pay attention and remember that everything you see out there in this majestic world is a reflection of YOU. 

Soon I'll be embarking on one of my biggest adventures: I'll be going to Antarctica, and being a land-lubber from the tropics all sorts of doubts creep in. Will I be constantly cold? What about sea conditions? But I focus on the big smile and exhilaration I'll share with fellow passengers on my voyage into the utterly fantastic world of the south pole.

If you are ready for some adventure therapy in my country of Costa Rica, or Central America, Cuba or Colombia, I'm here to help!  

Cheers from the tropics,

Grettel Calderon

To learn more about trips to Nicaraguatrips to Cuba, or trips to Colombia, give me a call at 800-345-4453.

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