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An Amazing & Incredible Experience: Guest Review from Bhutan

An Amazing & Incredible Experience: Guest Review from Bhutan

​Seon and Ki Kang first traveled with us to Sri Lanka in 2015 (read about their trip here: Sri Lanka: A Review and an Unveiling). Their passion for spirituality, vibrant cultures, good food, and immersive local experiences inspired them to explore India and Bhutan on their next trip. They journeyed both countries in depth so this post will be dedicated just to Bhutan - otherwise it would be too long! 

Seon and Ki started their Bhutan journey in the city of Paro and ventured South to the district of Chhukha to attend the local festival. During the Chhukha festival, they stayed with a wonderful family at their farm and were, in fact, the first foreigners to do a farm stay in the entire district of Chhukha! In fact, the Kangs told us that, "we were really excited about the festival in Chukka - which we loved - but we found that we enjoyed just hanging out with the families at the festival more."

The Chhukha festival
Seon and Ki with their farmstay family in the Chhukha Valley

​After Chhukha, the Kangs journeyed to Bhutan's capitol - Thimphu. Thimphu (population 150,000) is the only capital in the world without traffic lights. They had once installed a traffic light which resulted in complaints and accidents so the King had the light removed. Instead they have a white gloved policeman at the center of town. The Kangs explored the city and took a day hike to the Phojading monastery - a learning community devoted to training and educating orphaned and disadvantaged young men who wish to become monks. Phajoding is also one of Bhutan's most sacred meditation sites. The Kangs remarked that the hike that their guide Sherab and Kencho took them on was amazing and they will remember it forever. The Kangs finished up their trip in Paro which Seon said was, "amazing! We could have lived there. All the places we stayed were charming and very comfortable." No trip to Bhutan is complete without a trip to the iconic Tiger's Nest and for the Kangs the Tiger's Nest lived up to all expectations; "It was awe inspiring and much more spiritual than we expected!"

The Tiger's Nest

For the Kangs, the real highlights of their trips seem to come from interactions they have with local people. Bhutan is world renowned for its friendly people and welcoming atmosphere. The Kangs made friends everywhere they went and commented that, "Sherab was an amazing guide. She changed up our itinerary and customized our trip and our experience was richer because of it. By the end of the week, it felt more like hanging out with a family friend than having a guide." This isn't the first time we've heard this about Sherab, similar comments were made by the Biggins family who traveled with us to Bhutan this past year.

Seon and Ki at Phojading monastery with new friends from all walks of life!

When asked what they would recommend for future travelers, the Kangs advised, "go with an open heart and be open to trying new things. Bhutan is an amazing and incredible experience."

Want to see more pictures from the Kangs trip? Check out Seon's flickr gallery below!

Bhutan November 2016

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