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Ask the Wild Guys About Romantic Travel!

Us Wild Guys at Wildland Adventures are professional romantics. Like you, we show the love to our partners by giving a card, passing on a compliment, and planning date nights together. But, guys (or gals too), if you want to step it up and need help organizing a romantic adventure vacation ask one of us! We're just puttin' it out there especially to any moonstruck guys who need some travel ideas, you can count on us for a thing or two like stunningly beautiful places in the world where you can win your loved one over again and again!
Jeff and LeeAnn Stivers travel to Tikal on their Belize jungle tour.
Whether you are looking to pop the question, celebrate an anniversary, or just to create more intimate and adventurous memories together, it's not just a matter of knowing cool places to stay, although that certainly will be a highlight of your romantic Wildland Adventure. For us, it's also knowing more about your style of travel, budget, and what you like to do. But it's even more than that. Once you know what you want and we know more about you, we'll plan experiences you never would have imagined possible.
Nick and Ashley Bay on their wedding day in Washington State after he proposed on safari in Africa.
In fact, each of the Wild Guys have shared our own  stories in our romantic travel blog along with other blog stories of love, romance and adventure told by a few recent Wildland couples. Africa Program Director Nick Bay got engaged last year when he asked his new bride to marry him traveling on a Wildland Adventure in South Africa. Over the past 25 years we've organized hundreds of honeymoon adventures, and the very first one was a Costa Rica honeymoon adventure put together by our own company director, Kurt Kutay, for his new bride and business partner, Anne Kutay, who are celebrating their silver anniversary this Valentine's Day 2013. Jeff Stivers took his new bride on our Indonesia Komodo Adventure Voyage, and Jonathan Burnham, our Marketing Director, has his sights already set on his future Romantic Galapagos and Ecuador Honeymoon, but first he needs a bride....
See what a romantic adventure can do for your relationship guys? (Anne and Kurt Kutay)
All of our  expert destination specialists have planned some of the most memorable and romantic anniversary adventures celebrating life and love for young newlyweds and life-long couples who have been traveling together 50 years. Consider sleeping on a star-bed under a glistening African  sky, a quiet dinner for two on a tropical beach in Costa Rica surrounded by rainforest, an epic trek in the Andes of Peru staying cozy mountain lodges, or a safari in India searching for the Royal Bengal Tiger. If this sounds like your kind of romancing the stone then call the Wild Guys (or gals too) without delay!

Keeping it wild,

The Wild Guys
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