Better Ways To Celebrate Earth Day


Earth Day is a great reminder of all the gifts nature offers us and how we must strive for minimum impact in the sacred lands we visit.  Sometimes it the most direct solution is the best! Here are a few, simple, eco-friendly ideas to consider when traveling to celebrate and give back to our amazing planet.

  1. Plant a tree! You've heard it before, but what more direct way to help the cause. This is something that can be easily done at any of the ecolodges you stay during our trips and I’ll be happy to coordinate it for you. 
  2. Learn about the culture, the environment and how to protect them.  Read about the destination you are choosing to visit, take a sustainability tour at any of your ecolodges, learn about local endangered species.  Then, get closer to the local culture by participating on community activities and donating school supplies at very low-income kinder gardens and primary schools.
  3. Reduce, reuse and recycle.  Try to travel only with what you have unless it is essential to buy an item before the trip.  Do you have shoes that are still in good condition or a back pack that you have been planning to change? Take it with you and leave these items behind, many local in need can certainly give it a good use for a while!. 
  4. Clean up litter.  Get ready with good shoes, sunscreen, water, hat and a large plastic bag and collect garbage you might find wherever you are.  Your guide will be happy to coordinate this for you with a couple of locals for help and you would be a great example for everyone around you! (even to the locals themselves).  It's an afternoon of interaction with the locals and is much appreciated.  But don't wait to travel, start a cleanup where you live!
  5. Clean up you!...without cause for worry. Get environmentally friendly toiletries. Now you can find a whole range of items that are biodegradable.  What better than taking a shower on the open air bathroom in the middle of the jungle knowing you are causing no damage to the environment!
  6. Increase awareness. Take advantage of your surroundings to get inspired and pay tribute to nature:   write a story, a poem or make a drawing about your travel experience, the landscape, the village you just visited or the fun outdoor adventures you never thought you would dare to join.  Travel journals and wildlife cards are included in our pre-departure packets for kids to document their experience and easily identify the wildlife they will encounter on the trip.
  7. Think global, drink local. One of the easiest ways you can do to travel more sustainably is to travel with a reusable water bottle. Every year millions of waters bottles get discarded around the world and as a traveler we have a global responsibility to leave the places we travel in better condition than we came. We've teamed up with TAP (Travelers Against Plastic) to help make a difference in the way people travel. Check them out at

Need a location to plan your celebration of Earth Day? Take a peek at the 3 different Earth Day Specials we've put together to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.  Visit the many different nature reserves and precious natural parks that Mother Earth has created for you!

Keeping it Wild,  Grettel.
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