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Review | Birding & Wildlife Safari in Namibia & Botswana

Hoanib-Valley-Camp-Namibia Birding and wildlife safari in Namibia

The Schers returned from their custom safari in Namibia and Botswana with rave reviews for the wildlife and their guides. Here are their highlights and recommendations:

"Thank you for probably the best trip we've ever had, which is saying something as we've had some amazing experiences. This trip exceeded our expectations in every way and was about as perfect as a trip can be. You put together a wonderful itinerary on what we realize was very short notice."

"Every one of our guides went the extra mile to find the bird, animal or special sight we requested and the ones we had no idea we even wanted to see. You must have conveyed my birding passion to the lodges because the managers took great care to accommodate us with some truly talented birding guides, which added so much to my experience. Festus, our guide at Hoanib Valley Camp, was a truly fabulous birder and self-educated renaissance man and most importantly, one of the best people we have ever met. He was unfailingly kind to everyone and we genuinely bonded. At Shipwreck Lodge, I turned our guide, Niccy, onto bird watching and even gave him my extra set of binoculars because he didn't have any (I'm so glad you confirmed that someone would need them). He was touchingly grateful and he and Festus became very special to us."

"As for the animals, we cannot express how absolutely amazing the sightings were. Not only did we see all the big draws, but we saw them doing interesting stuff. Our guide, Willie, knew that if you see lions in the middle of the day they just sleep and it's not interesting, a sentiment we've developed in our past trips. He took us to various locations at the right time and we were privileged to observe great interactions among a variety of lions and great cub sightings. We had a wonderful morning with the wild dogs, which was a genuine privilege (the dogs & lions were our most special sightings). One of the things that I loved about this trip were the sightings of smaller, more elusive species such as: African wild cat, bush baby, both species of hyena, genets, springhare, Mozambique black spitting cobra, 3 species of mongoose, rock hyrax and a spider-hunting wasp with prey! I also came home with 130 new species of birds and received the highest of compliments from my fellow birders."

"The lodges and camps were incredible. Every member of the various accommodations was clearly devoted to making our stay special. Little Ongava was so amazing that I think we'll go back to Namibia just to stay there again. Nxamaseri gets the prize for most charming accommodation. The young couple who just recently began managing it were endearingly eager to please."

"Please know that we will only go to you personally for our future African travel and Wildland Adventures will be our go-to company in general." - the Schers

To learn more about safaris in Africa give us a call at 800-345-4453 or email our program director, Chris Moriarty.

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