Vice-President of Wildland Adventures. Over decades of professional adventure travel experience she has designed and led dozens of family adventures and women’s rejuvenation retreats. She also works in the office to assure consistency and quality control across all Wildland destinations. Prior to her Wildland Adventures in Costa Rica, Turkey, Panama, Belize, East Africa, Peru, and Brazil, Anne worked summers in Yellowstone National Park and spent winters exploring and guiding groups throughout Mexico for 8 years. Anne is also a jewelry designer. She loves to prepare international cuisine for friends and family, and is always ready to hike, kayak, and go extreme dog-walking with her Tibetan Mastiff rescue dog, Romeo. 

Women of Wildland Talk Travel: Part 2

Women of Wildland Talk Travel: Part 2
​ Wildland Adventures was founded on the principle of travel being a force for good in this world –this is true not just for the communities that we visit and the natural spaces we journey through, but for our travelers as well. Being a single traveler should not impede your ability to grow, transform, and experience new lands so Wildland's women's...
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My Favorite Spanish Pintxos Recipe

My Favorite Spanish Pintxos Recipe
Pintxos? Pinchos? Tapas? There is a difference! Pintxo is the Basque take on the Spanish word pincho. The difference between pinxtos and tapas depends on your Spain locale. First and most important - you never dine on pintxos alone. These delightful morsels are best enjoyed in crowded bars - also known as pintxo hopping - while trading stories about your day. Most people move around on a pub crawl enjoying one or two pintxos in each place. On my recent trip to Northern Spain our guide patiently explained the art of the pintxo which originated in the Basque region in the charming town of San Sebastian. Without rules and limits chefs freely create and the possibilities are endless. We dined on traditional pintxos with combinations of chorizo or bacon with manchego or blue cheese along with simple easy to assemble varieties pairing pickled vegetables and anchovies. The more elegant Michelin-style...
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Tiger - A Love Story

      My life-long dream of seeing tigers in the wild took me to on a journey to the wilds of Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Parks in the exotic land of India . Kanha National Park is well known as the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling’s amazing story Jungle Book and offers enchanting scenic beauty and beautiful sunsets. Although I did not have the good fortune to see tigers at Kanha (many in our group did) I did see and abundance of other wildlife including sloth bear, sambar, spotted deer and plenty of playful monkeys. My dream of seeing a tiger came true in Bandavgarh and it was spectacular! I was completely over come with a sense of joy and wonder – a breathtaking, spine tingling experience. Once I started believing what I was seeing, a feeling of calm washed over me. I became very still and quietly enjoyed this magnificent cat. Dreams do come true! Anne...
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