Hannah grew up in the Pacific Northwest and is joyfully surprised every time the sun comes out. She fell in love with travel when she moved to Toronto Canada to intern with an inner-city youth development organization. She made friends from all over the world and when she returned to the Northwest she decided to visit as many of them as possible. After 12 years in the Youth Development/Non-profit field, she decided to return to school and completed her degree in Business. As Sales & Marketing Associate, she loves sharing meaningful stories that inspire people to explore and understand the world. Hannah loves the mountains and tries to get outside to camp, hike or snowboard as much as possible. Her favorite travel destinations are New Zealand and Switzerland because of the incredible mountains, of course! Hannah lives in an intentional community with 10 other people in a historic mansion in the suburbs of Seattle.

6 Women Who are Changing the Face of Adventure Right Now

The face of adventure is changing. Not only are their more women than ever working and playing in arenas that were once dominated by men, but the definition of adventure is changing as well. Our women's travel team recently attended She Ventures, an event designed for women to celebrate and ignite adventure as a way of life. 6 women leaders from di...
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Travel towels: why you need one and which are the best

Whether you're trekking in the wilderness or you're going to vacation on a beach, a travel towel is essential! Even if your staying in a hotel, you never know when you might come across a lagoon to swim in or when you'll need something clean to sit on.  Travel towels have always been great because of their size and weight b...
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Iconic Creatures of Patagonia: What, When, and Where to to See Them

Andean Condor The Andean condor is the most iconic of all Patagonia creatures. It plays a huge role in the folklore of South America and is the national symbol of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. With a wingspan of over 10 feet, these massive birds are often seen circling in the sky, perhaps ...
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New Zealand & Nature Rank Highest in Women's Travel Survey

The results of our women's travel survey are in and we're excited to share them! We polled our women alumni and women who had never traveled with us and asked them if they were interested in women's travel,  where they wanted to go next, what they want to do on trips, and why they like/want to travel with other women. We were ex...
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8 Reasons to Experience Ethiopia, the Land of Legends

Legends live in a cloud of uncertainty, loosely believed by many, even though they are unverifiable. Ethiopia, the oldest country on the continent of Africa, is a land full of legends , believed to be the birthplace of mankind, coffee, and the Queen of Sheba. Whether or not the legends are true or merely myth is not the point; legends esp...
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