Kelsey had high aspirations of someday working in the corner office of a skyscraper, wearing high heels, and clacking noisily on a keyboard. Then, she moved to the northwest from Boston, truly discovered the outdoors and started traveling. There was no turning back after that. Now her days are filled with playing outside and planning her next skiing or international adventure. She’s traveled extensively in Asia and South America and spent time in Europe as well as Central America. She’s still got 163 countries to go (and 33 seemed like so many…) so it looks like there won’t be any time for skyscrapers in her future. After majoring in International Business and minoring in Asian Studies Kelsey is excited to combine her passion for travel and academic knowledge to plan some truly inspirational trips created in the wild style for those as excited about Asia as she is. 

Guest Review: "Greetings from Peru!"

Peru has always been a favorite family destination here at Wildland. For the intrepid family, it offers vibrant culture, active adventure, history, and delicious food all in one country. Natalie and her family came to us looking to combine a trip to Peru with a service trip she  was  doing in Costa Rica with her two daughte...
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Travelers Wanted for 2018 Trip to Patagonia!

What are you doing this February? Why not join Wildland and explore Patagonia on our new itinerary, the Southern Crossing . Embark on an adventure that follows the world renowned Carretera Austral from the wild north of Chilean Patagonia to the iconic spires of Argentinian Patagonia and Fitz Roy. This active hiking itinerary links forgotten Patagon...
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A Perfect Honeymoon in Nepal

The Mellors came to us ready to embark on a honeymoon that would start their adventurous life together off right! They traveled to Nepal where they got to explore the markets of Kathmandu, trek through the foothills of the Himalaya, and even take off on a flightseeing trip to see Mount Everest from the air! Here's a little more from ...
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Ride through Chile with the Greatest Gaucho on Earth

Take a deep breath, relax into the saddle and let your horse guide you through an enchanting meadow with snowcapped mountains towering overhead. Your guide rides ahead of you, his wide sombrero sitting firmly on his head, shielding him from the bright sunlight, while his woven poncho flaps in the breeze. Without a...
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Is Travel to Morocco Safe?

The short answer is: yes! The long answer is that life in Morocco is very different from that in the West and that may raise some safety concerns for travelers. Read on below to find out more about some of the main issues and find out what you can do to make your trip as safe and fun as possible!  First off, we want to stress that there i...
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