The founding President and CEO of Wildland Adventures and the director of the non-profit Travelers Conservation Trust. He has traveled and guided throughout the world since 1975. Kurt completed an M.S. degree in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan after conducting research in the National Parks of Costa Rica. He has also worked on international programs for the U.S. National Park Service. Kurt has authored a chapter on adventure travel for Fodor's guide books and published numerous articles on ecotourism. As a recognized industry pioneer in adventure travel and ecotourism, he has served on numerous professional boards and conservation organizations including The International Ecotourism Society, the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association, the Maasai Environmental Resource Coalition of East Africa, and the Adventure Travel Trade Association.

Exploring Jewish Culture and History Traveling in Morocco

  Today, Morocco has a Jewish population of a few thousand, most concentrated in Casablanca, Fez, Rabat and Marrakech. However, today, Jewish history is revealed traveling throughout Morocco where the Diaspora once lived, traded, mingled, mixed, and thrived amongst the predominant Muslim culture. Following the common circuit of travel in ...
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Wildland Adventures Response to US State Department Travel Warning to Cuba

October 9, 2017 We recognize that Wildland guests and others planning to travel to Cuba would be concerned by the US State Department notice warning US citizens to avoid travel to Cuba issued September 29th, 2017. The safety and comfort of our travelers is of utmost concern, as is an honest assessment of travel conditions in Cuba. We have revi...
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Wrapping up our 30th-Anniversary

Kurt and Anne Kutay - 30 years in travel
As we wrap up our 30th-anniversary celebration, our team here at Wildland Adventures invites you to take a moment to reflect on our journey together. It's been a long, wonderful path to now, so be sure to check out our timeline of the 30 Wildest Years Ever , as well as a great video with Wildland Alumni Jeff and Jane Zimmerman sharing stories of th...
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30 Years of Going Wild: Shedding your baggage to find your soul

30 years of going Wild
Motoring up the Amazon River in a dugout canoe 30 years ago, we could see them running from afar. As soon as they heard us approaching, the small native Yagua tribe ran into their huts in jeans and t-shirts, and exited to greet us half-naked in grass skirts with blowguns in hand. In that instant leading my first group tour I decided this: At Wildla...
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Americans Traveling To Cuba: What To See and Do

Americans visiting Cuba are required to to be part of an exchange with 5-6 hours every day spent engaging with Cubans in an "organized fashion," in our case a people to people tour. We couldn't just go to chill or play, it had to be structured. We went with Wildland Adventures , owned by my cousin Kurt Kutay  and his wife Anne, and&n...
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