Coming from a military family, the travel bug bit Laura Cahill early on. Born in Honolulu and raised in the Chicago area, she traveled all over the US with her family as a child - particularly to the Rocky Mountain West to explore its national parks. Her love of travel has taken her throughout Southeast Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Antarctica. When not traveling, you can find Laura photographing graffiti in the city or wildflowers in the woods, playing roller derby, or trying to find the perfect street food.

Happy Diwali! What You Should Know About India's Festival of Light

For the next several days India will be alight with candles and fireworks, people giving gifts, and celebrating with family and friends.  I t is the return  of the festival of  Diwali or Deepwali, t he biggest and brightest of all Hindu festivals celebrated in India . It's the festival of lights ( deep = light and avali = a row ...
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New Himalayan Wildlife Quest for the Snow Leopard

snow leopard
Extraordinary wildlife encounters like this are few and far between for most travelers. Some species are so rare and elusive only a handful of intrepid travelers seek them out. The "Grey Ghost" of the Himalayas almost sounds like mythical folklore, and the quest to find it is alluring. Now the chances to see them are better than ever. We are excite...
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Sri Lanka Boat Safari in Gal Oya National Park

Wilderness safaris are life changing experiences but they do have their draw backs; dusty roads, grinding gears, and whining jeep engines. These are minor inconviences to see some spectaclur scenery and wildlife, but what if you could have this experience without those inconviences? Imagin...
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Kayaking through Rural Myanmar

Hpa An
One of the best ways to get off the beaten path in SE Asia is to hop in a kayak! Much of local life in Asia revolves around water, so floating through the countryside is a great way to experience rural life and see some spectacular scenery. Leaving the city of Yangon behind to explore little known areas in Myanmar,  like Kayin State,...
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Cycle through Angkor Wat

 From tour buses to tuk-tuks, there are many ways to visit Cambodia's treasured Angkor Wat temple complex, but if you're looking for a truly intimate experience immersed in the beauty of Mother Nature and the spirituality of the temples, nothing will bring you closer to this than visiting Angkor by bicycle. More than two million foreigner...
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