A member of our Executive Management Team as Director of Operations, Rachael developed an excitement for travel to exotic places as a child on family vacations to Costa Rica and the ancient ruins in the jungles of Mexico. Fascinated by the interactions between plants and animals in tropical ecosystems, she studied biology and French at university, spending a semester abroad in France. Rachael served for three years in the Peace Corps as an agro forestry volunteer in the Gambia, West Africa where she gained a love and understanding of African cultures and learned two local languages. Rachael led her own family on safari in Tanzania and had explored many countries in West Africa, Europe, Central America, as well as Mexico, Alaska, and Morocco before arriving at Wildland Adventures.

What luggage to bring for your Southern Africa Safari

In Southern Africa (Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe) many of our itineraries include this note:  ​ Baggage in charter aircraft is restricted to 20kg (44lbs) per person in a soft bag ,  including camera equipment and carry-on baggage. Only soft bags   such as a duffle bag will be accepted - n o wh eels, frames or rig...
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Glacier Discovery and Beginning Kayaking in Alaska

Alaska Cruise in the morning
It's always the start of a good day when you wake up to clear skies. Rain is common in Southeast Alaska and though it rarely cancels activities, its absence makes the world seem that much brighter. Baird Glacier was on the docket for today. Baird was once a tidewater glacier but it's retreated to become a hanging glacier and the guides on the Wilde...
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Review from a 3rd Grader Part 3: Five Reasons an Alaska Family Trip is Awesome

Child on an Alaska Cruise
1. It's awesome! They never leave you on shore to just find something to do, they always plan activities and the activities are always fun. You can go kayaking, hiking, skiff touring, or bushwhacking, which is going on land and walking through the forest with a guide who tells you about the different kinds of trees, and plants, and animals, an...
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Tlingit Culture in Wrangell, Alaska

One of the most interesting moments from my family trip to Alaska was a Tlingit culture presentation at the Chief Shakes Tribal House in Wrangell. We were welcomed by a group of volunteer dancers anxious to share their native songs and dances with us.    For me, the presentation was a reminder of what has happened to native cult...
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Review from a 3rd Grader Part 2: My day in Wrangell

In the afternoon we went to a town called Wrangell to see a dance presentation by the Tlingit natives, pronounced Klinkit . But before that we went to a museum called the Nolan Center. At the Nolan Center they had a bunch of history about their town. It was originally a native village and then prospectors came in and they founded the town of Wrange...
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