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Sailing the Nubian Sands

Sudan Travel Expedition March 2012   Guest Review: Alice Byers c ustom trip to Sudan   My friend Taddy and I were seeking another trip. We had loved travelling together last year in Ethiopia , just the two of us with a guide and some drivers on an itinerary arranged by my stalwart tour operator Wildland Adventures . It’s not easy for Taddy and I to find a trip that accommodates both of us! She has travelled in twice as many countries as I have, and we don’t entirely share areas of future interest. But last fall Taddy had identified a possible archaeological trip to Sudan that was to be led by two experts. It was to be very expensive and to accommodate a group as large as 17. We did not like that idea very much, but we liked the idea of traveling up and down the Nile River viewing...
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Beautiful in Borneo

  So far the Borneo tour has exceeded expectations and we've been incredibly lucky with our wildlife sightings. First big day included seeing a mother and new born orangutan show up for the feeding at the Sepelok Rehabilitation center followed by a sneak peak preview of the Borneo Sun Bear center and seeing 5 bears close up. Next we cruised up the Kinabatangan River and by chance spotted a large heard of pygmy elephants eating and playing in the river. This was very rare and we stayed to watch two males jousting in the river for nearly two hours as the sun started to set and the fireflies by the hundreds began to emerge in the nearby trees lighting them up like Christmas trees. A phenomenal day that had everyone giving hi fives! Lighting struck twice for us as we moved on to the Danum Valley conservation area where we happened...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Tiny Girl with Big Bag
So lucky you are! Thanks for sharing the pics
Friday, 23 November 2012 03:44
Guest — Kurt Kutay
Really incredible sightings!! Just this morning the TODAY show did a great expose on the deforestation in Sumatra and conservation... Read More
Thursday, 18 October 2012 10:14
Guest — Jonathan Burnham
I am very jealous of your adventures in beautiful Borneo! Can't wait to hear more about and see all of your photos.
Thursday, 18 October 2012 07:25

10 Must Read Travel Books

  Most travelers relish a good read as enthusiastically as they book their next plane ticket, for when the body is forced to stay put, a book at least allows the mind to wander limitlessly. Our Wild staff members are no exception and when we aren’t traveling, creating a new trip or writing and talking about adventure travel, we’re reading about our destinations in the form of guide books, novels, conservation journals, poli-sci essays – you name it! Here are some of our must-reads, organized by region, for your next global adventure with Wildland!  India & Asia  1.  Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard by Kirin Desai For a change of pace in Indian literature, which can often be depressing, I recommend this book. This is a humorous look at the eccentricities of India’s Hindu pilgrimage culture with a touch of family relationships and peek into village life. Add in excellent writing...
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