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Borneo/Indonesia Guest Review: "The culture was fascinating!"


Karen & Scott Knierim recently returned from our Orangutans and Dragons Sailing Safari in Indonesia and Borneo and shared some of their highlights and pictures with us.


"It's amazing to me how very different the culture is there. We have been to Thailand and Africa and lots of Central and South America and have never encountered such differences in housing, religious practices, etc. It was so fascinating and we loved that people welcomed having their picture taken and were not constantly holding out a hand for money. Everyone we encountered seemed genuinely friendly and peaceful and we loved being in Bali for major religious holidays and celebrations."

"Our guide in Bali got us to everywhere we wanted to go and took good care of us, warning us about dangers, etc. Our guide on the Borneo boat was so cute and enthusiastic!  Both guides on the boat were great; Anastasia, the lead guide was all about snorkeling and she had a beautiful singing voice. The other guide, Nita, was totally sweet and I actually felt more comfortable with her. They all did their best to keep us all happy and busy!"


"All of our accommodations were terrific and we LOVED the Kayon Resort and the Ombak Putih, although it was a bit more rustic than we had expected, but probably as good as you can get in Borneo. They did an awesome job with the food and the crew were all helpful. The deck was a comfortable place to sit and sip a cold beer and watch the scenery go by. And we were so glad to have one of the cabins with en suite bathroom!"


"We loved seeing the orangutans on their island and our Komodo dragon walks on both Komodo and Rinca Islands. We also loved the temples and the monkey jungle. The bugs were not bad at all. We were dripping with sweat every day, so bringing lots of T-shirts is a good idea...with shoulders covered since we needed that modesty in the temples and villages we visited daily."

- Karen & Scott Knierim

To talk to a travel expert about Indonesia and Borneo, contact Laura Cahill, our Asia director, at 800-345-4453 or check out our trips to Borneo.

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