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Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia Trip Review


Two couples came to Wildland with a rough idea that they wanted to put together a wild month-long adventure in Southern Africa. They wanted to experience the best wildlife that Africa had to offer combined with visiting the local people who benefit from the conservation and community development projects our travelers help support in the region. Perfect, prior planning paid off in a profound way!!

"I am still in awe of what we experienced, I had no idea it could be so wonderful. Chris Moriarty chose our itinerary based on our input and did a fabulous job delivering what we were expecting, in fact, it exceeded our expectations. The service was fantastic and responses to all my questions were excellent and expeditious. I think Wildland Adventures probably had the best service all around."

"We had so many great experiences, but close encounters with the elephants, big cats, and hippos were the highlights for me. Witnessing a lion pride attacking an aardvark under the night spotlight was a thrill! Sam, our guide at Little Vumbura, was awesome. He helped us learn animal tracking and listening to the birds and he instilled in us the love of the hunt. One day he would not give up until we found the elusive Cape buffalo herd which was ensconced deep in the brush and took us 3 hours to find. We loved it!"

"The elephant herds at Duma Tau were mesmerizing, we never grew tired of them. Tops, our guide, was hilarious and we had a fabulous time with him. He found us two leopards, lions, and showed us where a kill had been dragged across the road into the bushes. The service and food at Duma Tau was also excellent."

"The best guide of our trip was Sibs in Hwange, he is such a class act and so involved with the community. We were super impressed and I even got teary eyed when we left. He really showed us the heart of the area in the people and also the game. We enjoyed the school visit and were all so moved by the encounter. I also liked spending the evening with Paul, the leopard conservationist at Hwange, and tracking the leopard in the dark."

"Chongwe River Camp is right up there at the top of the list. The facility is stunning and the staff gracious. Our guide Hugo was a complete riot, so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. We loved the boat excursion options; the canoe and just riding up and down the river on the fast boats."

"Finally, Tena Tena was such a great experience. The service was the best of all the camps in my opinion. Bertram runs a great operation and it trickles down. There were two young men in their 20's who were in guide training that acted as hosts when we were there, sitting with us and making conversation, and they were so delightful. We really enjoyed them a lot." - Denise M

"I enjoyed all of the places but Zimbabwe was the highlight for me, as we had community experience there. Life lessons were learned from many of the guides who grew up in the bush and were now working in tourism. It was great being in the community in Zimbabwe where you see how the locals live and appreciate how little they have but how happy they are. Seeing the conservation efforts and the anti-poaching work being done made me hopeful for the animals and made me realize how fortunate we are to be born where we were born and to the families we have. I also enjoyed meeting the sub chief and talking about his work in the community as the judge."

"My favorite location and accommodation was Chongwe River Camp as it had the water and the land and the staff were good. Tena Tena was also a great place and the staff were excellent. I loved the places that had a pool or dipping pool as I am a big swimmer. The main lodge at Sindabezi Island Camp had the nicest pool. I loved the bush meals and they did a great job of making good food with a lot of variety. Also, I loved that they brought coffee to your room in the am." Beth D.

Our advice for travelers:

  • Pack less! We were thrilled to have our laundry done at every camp along the way and could had done with less clothing.
  • Do not ignore the advice to wear neutral colors, it really does matter and on walking safaris you absolutely have to blend in.
  • Bring a telephoto lens and good binoculars, many times the game is far away, especially the birds.
  • Ladies - bring TP or kleenex, a few small paper bags and sanitary hand wipes for the bush loo, sometimes the guides don't provide anything. 
  • Don't forget bug spray or sunscreen.
  • Do less game drives and more community visits. You learn so much from seeing the actual daily lives of the locals. 

To learn more about trips to Africa give us a call at 800-345-4453 or email our program director, Chris Moriarty, and check out their advice to travelers below.

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