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Thanks For The Memories of India

 Thanks for the memoriesOf things I can't forgetThe people I metI did my partIndia's not for the faint of heart.Thanks for the memoriesDays spent on a bumpy rideSeeking tigers that hide.How thrilling it wasThanks for the memoriesOf jeep safarisAnd silky sarisSquirrels that flySouvenirs we buyHow delightful it wasThanks for the memoriesThe cows, the rickshawsThe tucs and big trucksThe traffic in the streetsHow I prayed and shriekedHow crazy it was  Thanks for the memoriesOf lunch and dinner curriesRice, Nan and PoorisHow tasty it wasThanks for the memoriesThe Taj at evening and at dawnEternal Ganges rolls along A skull near the riverThat gave me a shiverHow sobering it wasKarma Sutra carved in stonePositions Christians wouldn't condoneI would need a bookTo practice the lookHow naughty it wasThanks for the memoriesOf camels in the darkFlames burned and sparkedThe evening was grandOur party in the sandThank you so much By June Brockmeier - Wildland guest from our Tigers and...
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Guest — Jonathan Burnham
This is wonderful June, you are quite the poet.
Tuesday, 13 November 2012 02:38
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