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Exploring Jewish Culture and History Traveling in Morocco

  Today, Morocco has a Jewish population of a few thousand, most concentrated in Casablanca, Fez, Rabat and Marrakech. However, today, Jewish history is revealed traveling throughout Morocco where the Diaspora once lived, traded, mingled, mixed, and thrived amongst the predominant Muslim culture. Following the common circuit of travel in ...
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7 Wild Wonders You Need to Experience - Part 1: Animals

1. Observe the Bears of North America (Grizzly & Polar) From the temperate coastal rain-forest and rugged mountains of British Columbia and Alaska to the gigantic glaciers and brilliant blue ice bergs of the polar region, grizzly bears and polar bears are the most revered bears in the world. To see one in the wild is an...
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3 Reasons Tanzania's the Greatest Safari Destination

What images does the term "safari" conjure in your mind? Maybe it's a lioness stalking her prey amid an endless grassland under wide open skies. Maybe it's sipping a sundowner and watching a giraffe nibble on an acacia umbrella tree silhouetted against the horizon with the African sun slipping away. Maybe it's visiting a Maasai village to listen an...
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Part 2: Father-Son Safari in Zimbabwe - Nehimba Safari Lodge

Father-son safari in Zimbabwe
In the last blog , my son Jon and I had just started our safari in Zimbabwe , stayed one night at Gorges Lodge and visited Victoria Falls. Now it is time to move on to the far more isolated Nehimba Lodge. Our driver took us south to Hwange National Park and upon entering the park we met our nature guides, Ty and Brendon. They were quickly able to s...
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The 15 Best Boutique Hotels for Travelers

Where you kick up your feet at the end of each day and arise the next morning to begin your next adventure, is an opportunity to immerse yourself into a truly authentic travel experience. What better path to discovery is there than to be welcomed by hosts in an abode that reflects the beauty of the locale and the charm of its people? Boutique hotel...
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