Look beyond the ends of the earth and you will find Antarctica, a land of untouched wilderness, behemoths of ice and surreal landscapes. An Antarctic cruise redefines the definition of "getting away" - sailing the expanse of white wilderness, its stark beauty and the feeling of peaceful solitude. Yet life abounds in Antarctica with thousands of penguins, seals, whales and albatross thriving in this remote icy world.

My First Trip To Antarctica - Will You Join Me?

The cold arctic wind whips in my hair as I stand at the bow, shaking from excitement (and cold) as the whale surfaces a few meters from the boat. Its massive, wondering eye stares back at me, as curious about me as I am about it. The boat lurches and my eyes fly open; I'm back at my office in Costa Rica. I've been day dream...
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7 Wild Wonders You Need to Experience - Part 1: Animals

1. Observe the Bears of North America (Grizzly & Polar) From the temperate coastal rain-forest and rugged mountains of British Columbia and Alaska to the gigantic glaciers and brilliant blue ice bergs of the polar region, grizzly bears and polar bears are the most revered bears in the world. To see one in the wild is an...
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Whales at the end of the Earth

Antartica - the opposite of the north pole. The opposite of what most people would think of when planning a vacation. It is the coldest, dryest, windiest continent on earth, so why would one woman choose to vacation there? Keiko started her adventure to Antartica by flying to Buenos Aires and boarding a boat in Ushuaia but her journey really b...
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Adventures in Antarctica

Guest Review submitted by Dawn B.  Antarctica proved to be a dream vacation. I’ve visited many far-off places of the planet, but Antarctica holds a place of honor all its own. It is a magical land where we were privileged to spend 8 days exploring in their late spring (Nov-Dec) season. During our expedition we had landings twice per day – morning & afternoon. We went ashore for 2-4 hours each time, hiking ~ 2 miles at each landing site. We found the area pristine, quiet, remote, tranquil, desolate, unforgiving, & inspiring. A magnificent land! You simply cannot imagine what it feels like to be there – until you are there. But all the while I felt a deep respect, if not an intimidation, from the ocean & the weather, at whose mercy we gently visited this forgotten land.  The Continent Before I begin describing what it's like to travel...
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Antarctica - The Trip of a Lifetime

Wildland traveler Keiko Pitter recently returned from the White Continent, which she explored as a single traveler on our Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica Peninsula trip aboard the 92-passenger expedition ship Sergey Vavilov .  Keiko has traveled extensively around the world but called this Antarctica cruise the 'trip of a lifetime' and returned to us with a wonderful report of the experience, plus tips for travelers considering this trip in the future.  So if Antarctica is on your radar, either for the near future or a distant dream, keep reading for first-hand advice!   Why did you choose this trip over other trips to Antarctica? I've wanted to travel to Antarctica for quite some time, but just did not have the time. I had always heard that going to Antarctica without going to South Georgia and Falklands was a mistake, so now that I'm retired this was the perfect...
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