Imagine walking through a 130 million year old primary forest teeming with gigantic sky-scraping trees, full of an abundant array of ficus, fern, flowers and fungi while spotting orangutan, silver leaf monkeys, giant squirrels, tarsiers and a host of other forest creatures. Then relax, rejuvenate and experience unparalleled underwater exploration in the picture-perfect cool blue waters off the Western Malaysia coast.

Beautiful Borneo & Intriguing Indonesia: Images from Bill Kuhn

Beautiful Borneo & Intriguing Indonesia: Images from Bill Kuhn
Bill Kuhn and Pat Daniels traveled with Wildland on a custom adventure starting in the Danum Valley of Borneo and continuing on to the Indonesian archipelago and Komodo National Park. Bill just got his pictures over to us and they were certainly worth the wait! See for yourself! Interested in our trips to Indonesia and Borneo ? Just ask! Keeping it wild,  Kelsey Wenger    

Great Time in Borneo

Guest review from our  Untamed Borneo Adventure I have travelled extensively and it is very rare to find such a combination of friendly helpful people, secure and safe surroundings and incredibly unique and varied wildlife as what we had in Borneo. The lodges/resorts were very good and really went out of their way to provide an excellent experience for the guests. The river cruises were superb, our guide at Borneo Rainforest Lodge found us some of the world's rarest birds and the snorkeling at Sipadan Island was astounding. Thanks for a great experience. Sipadan was great. They took the divers on 3 "dives" per day. One day was at Sipadan Island. It was fantastic, really unbelievable. I have done some snorkeling in the Galapagos and other places, but this was truly outstanding.      I have had many very experienced travelers tell me that Borneo Rainforest Lodge was one of...
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In the depths of the Danum Valley

    During my trip to Borneo  I found myself in the depths of the Danum Valley Conservation Area in Sabah, Malaysia. There you will find a weather tower which overlooks the valleys and hills of this vast wilderness reserve. Where an early riser can go in the morning darkness to listen and watch as this ancient rainforest ecosystem slowly comes to life. First to announce the new day are the gibbons, beginning with a solitary whooping call that picks up intensity and echoes throughout the valley. The call is fervently joined by other family groups and every niche seems to rise from its nightly respite as the sun slowly creeps up and the mists that swirl through the immensely tall Dipterocarp forest lift. Just another day for the denizens of this forest world but an unforgettable and moving experience for anyone lucky enough to bear witness.   keeping it...
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Untamed Borneo Part 1

I have so many great memories from my recent trip leading one of our 25th Anniversary group tours to the jungles of Borneo that I decided to make a blog series from my travels. Honestly, our trip couldn't have gone any better! The weather, accommodations and most importantly wildlife sightings were abundant and astounding. In 2009 I’d traveled throughout the region scouting the area and came up with an itinerary that I thought encapsulated the best of the best in Borneo with respect to the wildlife viewing. I wanted to deliver the ultimate trip to our travelers, so leading this trip provided me with the unique opportunity to get direct feedback and asses the “flow” of the itinerary I had designed. I secured the superior guide and jokester Eddie Café to join us for the majority of the trip and everything pretty much worked out like planned; which is one...
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Beautiful in Borneo

  So far the Borneo tour has exceeded expectations and we've been incredibly lucky with our wildlife sightings. First big day included seeing a mother and new born orangutan show up for the feeding at the Sepelok Rehabilitation center followed by a sneak peak preview of the Borneo Sun Bear center and seeing 5 bears close up. Next we cruised up the Kinabatangan River and by chance spotted a large heard of pygmy elephants eating and playing in the river. This was very rare and we stayed to watch two males jousting in the river for nearly two hours as the sun started to set and the fireflies by the hundreds began to emerge in the nearby trees lighting them up like Christmas trees. A phenomenal day that had everyone giving hi fives! Lighting struck twice for us as we moved on to the Danum Valley conservation area where we...
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