For Americans, Cuba occupies a mysterious and complex place in the lexicon of our cultural and political history. Once beloved as a socialite playground, the Havana high life of the early 20th Century gave rise to the Communist revolution prompting an enduring embargo for generations. Now, as we open our people-to-people Wildland Adventures on the largest Caribbean island, Cuba is the least commercialized and most fascinating isle of the Caribbean. While its political and economic isolation has held it back from development in the modern world, we explore the deep roots of Cuba’s traditional cultural heritage retained among its professionals and working class people living close to the land. Many of the sensual rhythms, political revolutions, art and passion of Latin America derive from the influences we experience traveling amongst the friendly, passionate, and sophisticated Cuban people you meet on our small group Wildland Adventures to Cuba.

The 15 Best Boutique Hotels for Travelers

Where you kick up your feet at the end of each day and arise the next morning to begin your next adventure, is an opportunity to immerse yourself into a truly authentic travel experience. What better path to discovery is there than to be welcomed by hosts in an abode that reflects the beauty of the locale and the charm of its people? Boutique hotel...
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Wildland Adventures Response to US State Department Travel Warning to Cuba

October 9, 2017 We recognize that Wildland guests and others planning to travel to Cuba would be concerned by the US State Department notice warning US citizens to avoid travel to Cuba issued September 29th, 2017. The safety and comfort of our travelers is of utmost concern, as is an honest assessment of travel conditions in Cuba. We have revi...
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Cuba Guest Review: Getting There, Highlights, Cuban Culture

Only 6 months after their Belize trip,  Greg and Chris decided to 'go wild' again and joined a small, people-to-people trip to Cuba, our Havana and the Heartland of Cuba adventure . They shared their experience with us here: Chris and I had a great time and we both enjoyed the trip immensely. I was a little unsure what to expect and how intera...
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​Frequently Asked Questions on New Cuba Travel Restrictions

June 21, 2017  President Trump's recent pronouncement to impose new restrictions on travel to Cuba will not have any consequential impact on our trips there. Although there will be a few hotels we may not be able to use any more, there are many other accommodations including small boutique properties we are already working with and many others...
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Americans Traveling To Cuba: What To See and Do

Americans visiting Cuba are required to to be part of an exchange with 5-6 hours every day spent engaging with Cubans in an "organized fashion," in our case a people to people tour. We couldn't just go to chill or play, it had to be structured. We went with Wildland Adventures , owned by my cousin Kurt Kutay  and his wife Anne, and&n...
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