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Belize Family Vacation Review: "We loved every activity and place we went to!"

The Highmans were referred to us by a Wildland alumni and were looking for a trip for their family for the holidays that had a combination of adventure, relaxation and education. I had a great time customizing our  Luxury Belize Family Vacation  to fit the needs of the whole family. From exploring the caves in Belize's...
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Travelers Wanted: Best of Peru in May

Travel to the high Andes and pristine Amazon rain forests and discover the best of Peru this May. Ann and Carolyn took our Best of Peru trip and customized it to add some more time in Lima (check out our blog 4 Reasons Lima Should be on Your Peru Itinerary ) and a stay at the jungle eco-lodge Posada Amazonas . This trip has it all –&...
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Exploring Jewish Culture and History Traveling in Morocco

  Today, Morocco has a Jewish population of a few thousand, most concentrated in Casablanca, Fez, Rabat and Marrakech. However, today, Jewish history is revealed traveling throughout Morocco where the Diaspora once lived, traded, mingled, mixed, and thrived amongst the predominant Muslim culture. Following the common circuit of travel in ...
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Why We're Crazy About Travel to Croatia

Travel in Croatia is ridiculously beautiful and richly rewarding. The glittering turquoise waters of the Dalmatian coastline and the time-worn cobblestone alleyways winding their way between red-roofed coastal villages are enough to leave even the seasoned traveler in awe. Croatia's interior reveals diverse cultural influences from the 14th-century...
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My First Trip To Antarctica - Will You Join Me?

The cold arctic wind whips in my hair as I stand at the bow, shaking from excitement (and cold) as the whale surfaces a few meters from the boat. Its massive, wondering eye stares back at me, as curious about me as I am about it. The boat lurches and my eyes fly open; I'm back at my office in Costa Rica. I've been day dream...
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