7 Wild Wonders You Need to Experience - Part 1: Animals

1. Observe the Bears of North America (Grizzly & Polar) From the temperate coastal rain-forest and rugged mountains of British Columbia and Alaska to the gigantic glaciers and brilliant blue ice bergs of the polar region, grizzly bears and polar bears are the most revered bears in the world. To see one in the wild is an...
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Galapagos Getaway & Boutique Andean Adventure

One of the things I enjoy most about working at Wildland Adventures is the caliber of travelers we attract, many of whom, as with Susan and Tom Freeman, return for numerous trips. The Freemans traveled with us for their  Galapagos Islands Vacation , extending their journey to include the Andean highlands and a stay at a very, very special lodg...
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Galapagos Inspires Winning Photo

As a Wildland Alumni, June recently got an email from us asking her to submit travel photos for our 2018 luggage tag contest. She submitted pictures from her  trip to Botswana ,  adventures in Galapagos , and her travels to Morocco . It was our great pleasure to pick one of her photos as a winner! Below are her memories of ...
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Peru and Galápagos Islands Adventures Part 2

Two of our amazing alumni travelers, Steve and Allison Sheridan, recently returned home from the Galapagos and Machu Picchu Adventure honoring their 34 th wedding anniversary. In this blog Allison generously shares her writings and photos of their exciting experience.   Day 1: We successfully made it Quito, Ecuador last night where we were met...
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Peru and Galapagos Islands Adventures Part 1

Peru and Galapagos Islands Adventures Part 1
Our very happy alumni travelers, Steve & Allison, are currently on a celebratory Galapagos and Machu Picchu trip honoring their 34th wedding anniversary. They sent us this recap of day one on the Peru portion of their trip. (We will feature Galapagos post-trip, promise!) Peru Day 1 Our Galapagos days are over. We got off the boat, checked into ...
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