Situated in Southeast Asia and Oceania, Indonesia is a diverse archipelago comprised of approximately 17,508 islands and a population of 238 million, nearly two-thirds the size of US. There are hundreds of distinct native ethnic and linguistic groups, the largest of these is the Javanese centered near the nation’s capitol of Jakarta. The archipelago has been an important trade region of spices and natural resources since the 7th century with strong trade networks established between China and India. After three and half centuries of colonial rule by the Dutch and religious influences of Islam, Christianity, Hindu and Buddhism the nation secured its independence after WWII. Indonesia’s national motto “DhinnekaTunggal Ika” means “many yet one” and articulates the diversity that shapes the nation. Despite rather large and densely populated regions, the nation still has vast areas of wilderness that supports the world’s second highest level of biodiversity.

6 Experiences You Should Try In Southeast Asia

Vietnam - Walking tour of Hoi An Start the day with breakfast at a local restaurant while sitting by the river looking back across to Old Town. With a cool breeze and a delicious bowl of Cao lầu, it's a perfect way to start the day and fuel up for your walk. Embark on the walking tour and explore a residential area where familie...
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Beautiful Borneo & Intriguing Indonesia: Images from Bill Kuhn

Beautiful Borneo & Intriguing Indonesia: Images from Bill Kuhn
Bill Kuhn and Pat Daniels traveled with Wildland on a custom adventure starting in the Danum Valley of Borneo and continuing on to the Indonesian archipelago and Komodo National Park. Bill just got his pictures over to us and they were certainly worth the wait! See for yourself! Interested in our trips to Indonesia and Borneo ? Just ask! Keeping it wild,  Kelsey Wenger    

Beyond the Galapagos - Experience Raja Ampat and The Coral Triangle

Beyond the Galapagos - Experience Raja Ampat and The Coral Triangle
The sun rises and sets at 6:30am and 6:30pm every day along the equator all year, every year where two stunning archipelagos of unique life and great marine biodiversity tempt adventure seekers to experience their natural wonders. Every sunrise and sunset is an inspiring and life-affirming sight to behold even if it only flirts with our senses for a fleeting moment at the center of the planet. On opposite sides of the globe sit the Galapagos, that Darwinian ecological mecca of rugged volcanic terrain and highly adapted animal life, and it’s lesser known sister nation in Natural Selection, Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Raja Ampat sits at the heart of The Coral Triangle and is home to the most diverse, exceptional and plentiful underwater species of coral and marine life in the world. So stunning, it has been dubbed “Heaven on Earth” for its paradisiacal beauty. “Bucket” lists and “Top-Islands-to-Visit” lists and...
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He is the personification of what you wanted your freshman biology professor to be

He is the personification of what you wanted your freshman biology professor to be
Guest Review from our Wake of Wallace voyage through the Eastern Indonesian Islands of Raja Ampat with expert guide and Wallace expert Tony Whitten. “I am a biologist by could I pass up a trip that followed a part of Wallace's collecting route?  The chance to visit one of the few remaining spots on earth that has not been overly disturbed by man was the main attraction. Super trip!! Tony Whitten was outstanding… enthusiastic, funny, full of wit and wisdom and tireless.  He is the personification of what you wanted your freshman biology professor to be. Knowledgeable, approachable, but mostly just bubbling over with enthusiasm for all things scientific and biological. For someone like me who started out doing field work as an undergrad but then get waylaid by bench science, having Tony along brought all the excitement of being in college field classes.  When I suggested it would...
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Tropical Paradise and Dragons!

I recently got asked what trip am I most excited about sending travelers on in 2014. My personal favorite has to do with dragons and not just because I’m also really excited for the 2nd Hobbit movie to come out! I’m talking about REAL dragons , the ones you can find only in the Komodo Islands of Indonesia. My wife and I had the privilege of joining one of our Indonesian Adventure Voyages on the Ombak Putih which departs from Bali and tip-toes through the eastern archipelago visiting remote fishing communities, deserted islands with off shore coral reefs of incredible biodiversity and of course foot pursuits to find dragons in the Komodo National Park. This photo shoud give you a pretty good idea of the size of the dragons. Not only are the adventurous parts amazing, but it’s everything in-between that makes this trip a winner too! The ship is...
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