Discover Jordan and journey to ancient Biblical sites, lush nature reserves, wetlands and deserts, mountains, coral reefs, mineral bathwaters, and, along the way, get to know the region’s charismatic blend of traditional and modern culture that’s enveloped in the warm hospitality of its people. As an ancient host to camel caravans and trade routes, Jordan turned into a world-class travel destination just a few decades ago when the remarkable Nabatean city of Petra was opened to tourism. Still a hidden jewel of the Middle East, Jordan has much to offer for the active and inquisitive traveler. 

Eight Diamond in the Rough Destinations for 2016

Eight Diamond in the Rough Destinations for 2016
In celebration of Wildland Adventures 30th (diamond!) anniversary we’ve selected 8 of our hidden, and occasionally overlooked, gems. Some of these are trips that go further, to more remote areas or require a bit more of an adventurous spirit to get to. Others are ones that experienced travelers seek out and relish for their unique opportunity to see a long-established destination in a very different light. Still others are oft-overlooked destinations that really shouldn’t be. Below, we highlight misconceptions that might put some travelers off and what really makes the trip or destination really sparkle and shine. 8)  Ethiopia: Land of Legends Ethiopia is steeped in history and a crossroads of Africa and the Middle-East. This is an adventure traveler’s dream trip. The island monasteries of Bahir Dar, stone churches of Lallibella, the African Castles of Gondar, the Simien Mountains, Axum (the final resting place of the Ark of the...
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Walking With Conquerors and Shepherds

  2014 is going to be an exciting year for adventure travelers and I couldn't be more excited our Bedouin trek to Petra. I’m drawn to this trip because it is unlike anything else being offered. The opportunity to camp with Bedouins under the starry desert skies, sipping tea around a campfire, tracing timeless paths through the mind-blowing landscape of Jordan and ultimately arriving into the “back door” of Petra, the magnificent Monastery, away from the hordes of day-trippers. Well, not everyone gets to do that!  What excites me is introducing our Wild travelers to an ancient culture and place that too often is overlooked due to the “noisy neighbors” surrounding Jordan. Jordan is a jewel of a destination, and accessing it by foot, through the beautiful sandstone desert, is something few adventure travelers ever experience. Our Bedouin trek to Petra was named among National Geographic’s 50 Tours of a...
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Larger than life trip to Jordan

Once in awhile, something comes along that truly fires the imagination, capturing a long-buried fantasy. For me, that idea can be found alive & well in our Bedouin Trek to Petra , and I believe this is what the good folks at National Geographic Traveler also recognized when they selected the Trek for their 2013 “50 Tours of a Lifetime.” Petra itself is every American kid’s holy grail – a fabulous, larger-than-life “lost city” hidden away behind steep, impenetrable walls. Add to that the notion of reaching this object of desire by way of trekking across rocky mountain passes, through brilliant sandstone river valleys, and camping with Bedouins –Bedouins, for petes sake! - under starry desert skies, and you have the stuff of every adventurous day dreamer’s dearest fantasy. But of course a successful trip is not made of fantasy alone, and with the Bedouin Trek to Petra’s seamless support...
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Feynan Ecolodge in Jordan Among The Best In The World

The current June/July issue of National Geographic Traveler Magazine features a list of the “Best 25 Ecolodges” in the world. Many of them are accommodations we already include on Wildland Adventures throughout the world.  One of our favorites is the Feynan Ecolodge, located in Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan, included on our Jordan Explorer and the Bedouin Trek to Petra . Hiking in the Dana Reserve with Feynan Lodge in the background. Feynan Ecolodge is a 26-room solar-powered lodge with an ethos of providing unique visitor experiences, with minimal impact on the environment, while contributing to conservation work and providing income generation opportunities to the local community.  Coffee ceremony with local Bedouin from the nearby community.  In November 2012 we traveled together with Nabil Tarazi, Founder & Managing Director of EcoHotels . Nabil is a dynamic and dedicated entrepreneur and conservationist working closely with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature...
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Wildland guide Yamaan Safady is a class act!

Excitement reigns from Seattle to Amman after National Geographic Traveler recognized our Bedouin Trek To Petra as one of the "50 Tours of a Lifetime" because it truly delivers that kind of experience. Our guide, Yamaan Safady, is so excited to share this trip with more Wildland trekkers. His friends and family in Jordan made a cake for him and he wrote this classy note to us in Seattle: " I wanted to make sure to write a note on this important, and what I hope will be game changing day for us all!! To see my name, linked to your well respected adventure travel company, in National Geographic Traveler’s 50 Trips of a Lifetime list, I am truly humbled. Obviously you had passed along the news that this was coming, but to see it now printed is a whole new feeling… I value our partnership and have had such...
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