Call Me "Abu Tarek"

I love to adopt local customs wherever I travel, so at my presentation in Jordan on ecotourism before an audience of local travel professionals including the Minister of Tourism, I introduced myself not as Kurt Kutay, President of Wildland Adventures, but rather as "Abu Tarek", or the father of Tarek; it is customary among Jordanians to refer to yourself by the name of your first born son (or daughter if you don't have a son). So, I kept it up everywhere I traveled throughout Jordan including our  Bedouin Trek to Petra  and it was a great icebreaker as a visitor here. Everyone was surprised that our son has an Arabic name because of my Turkish heritage. (And he looks Arabic as seen in this picture with Anne.) As soon as I used Tarek's name instead of my own for introductions, they would smile and do the same, always gushing with pride for their first...
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