Characterized by vast open spaces and year-round blue sky, in Namibia, you'll experience a remarkable – and different – side of Africa. Set off on our Namibia safari with one goal in mind: encounter the animals and people in this region unobtrusively and on their own terms. Stay in small and intimate camps and lodges and explore some of Africa’s most remote and stark landscapes: the dunes of Soussusvlei, the Etosha National Park, the interior of Damaraland and the mystical Skeleton Coast. Traveling among these diverse and rare habitats, you’ll explore soaring sand dunes, hidden canyons, towering mountains, saltpans and a wild coast dotted with shipwreck remains and sun-bleached whale bones. You’ll spot giraffes striding across the extensive saltpans, desert-adapted elephants trudging the dunes along ancient paths to waterholes and lions stalking their prey across the Skeleton Coast. With Cape Town only two hours by air from Windhoek, and Namibia close to the Okavango and Victoria Falls, many of Africa’s other regions are close enough for an easy safari extension.

Why Africa is Honeymoon Heaven

Planning a wedding is a lot of work; your honeymoon should be the easy part right? Unfortunately, with the whole world at your fingertips, the idea of finding the perfect honeymoon can be daunting. The good news is there's one continent that has absolutely everything . . . AFRICA! Typically not a sought after honeymoon dest...
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What luggage to bring for your Southern Africa Safari

In Southern Africa (Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe) many of our itineraries include this note:  ​ Baggage in charter aircraft is restricted to 20kg (44lbs) per person in a soft bag ,  including camera equipment and carry-on baggage. Only soft bags   such as a duffle bag will be accepted - n o wh eels, frames or rig...
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Eight Diamond in the Rough Destinations for 2016

Eight Diamond in the Rough Destinations for 2016
In celebration of Wildland Adventures 30th (diamond!) anniversary we’ve selected 8 of our hidden, and occasionally overlooked, gems. Some of these are trips that go further, to more remote areas or require a bit more of an adventurous spirit to get to. Others are ones that experienced travelers seek out and relish for their unique opportunity to see a long-established destination in a very different light. Still others are oft-overlooked destinations that really shouldn’t be. Below, we highlight misconceptions that might put some travelers off and what really makes the trip or destination really sparkle and shine. 8)  Ethiopia: Land of Legends Ethiopia is steeped in history and a crossroads of Africa and the Middle-East. This is an adventure traveler’s dream trip. The island monasteries of Bahir Dar, stone churches of Lallibella, the African Castles of Gondar, the Simien Mountains, Axum (the final resting place of the Ark of the...
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Travel to Namibia - End of the World

  Photo by Dan Allen If the world was truly coming to an end, I would travel to Namibia and explore the amazing landscapes of Damaraland. It is one of the most remote destinations in the world with a low population density and is enchantingly beautiful, especially the night skies. I would make sure to stop for lunch at the Ugab Save the Rhino Trust Camp, an organization singly responsible for helping these rare animals survive and thrive, making this the region with the world’s largest concentration of Black rhino outside of national parks. Then maybe climb to the top of the Brandberg Mountain (the second largest monolith in the world), I'm sure I'd find some amazing views from the top. If I could only bring a couple of things with me, I would bring a rifle and a bushman guide to help me find water and food in order to survive...
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